Dishonorable Angels – Ruined by bullshit, uneducated green preaching.

Dishonorable Angels (Rise of Terry Victor, #5).
By Michael Anderle.
My rating ⭐ out of 5 stars.

When life starts to look like it’s all sunshine and rainbows, you can bet there’s a storm on the horizon.

Terry has the solution to his magical issue. All he has to do is put it into action before another case grabs the team’s attention.

No such luck. Not one, but two sticky situations land in their laps, and Angelina is determined to meddle in Terry’s love life.

But Terry left his heart among the stars…

…and their new enemy is not all he seems.

When secret societies come out of the shadows, it’s bad news for everyone.

Terry, Angelina, Charley, Farrah, and Dave head to Washington at General Lappert’s request. Their problems mount up as a group on the opposite end of the political spectrum threatens a senator.

Conspiracy and intrigue throw up roadblocks at every turn, and the team needs to pull out all the stops to stay on top of the situation.

Can Angelina work with dwindling resources? Can Terry avoid getting distracted by a voice from the past?

I’m not going to waste much time reviewing this book since the author screwed it up big time for me by nonsensical woke, green preaching. I am really disappointed about this.

This series has been mediocre with a few three star books, one two star and, now, a one star one. Even if the author had not screwed it up by putting bullshit green preaching in it would not have reached more than two stars for me. There is too much politics and jumping around in the book.

I could have lived with this idea of nuclear radiation being able to recharge Terry’s magic even if it is nonsensical and far fetched but, unfortunately, the author goes on some anti-nuclear crusade.

He is harping about sites worldwide (it is clearly implied that there are a lot) which is so irradiated that people cannot access it and then he goes for the big whammy claiming “people, of any species, had no business messing with nuclear technology”. Obviously he does not understand that “nuclear technology” is a lot more than old nuclear reactors and for starters. Given that even Germany, who completely screwed their energy production, now realizes that they have to backpedal on their idiotic decision to close the power plants and make themselves dependent on Russia, this crap is just blatant ignorant nonsense. That does it for me, this is uneducated woke, green bullshit and I’m not having any of it.

The next book in the series is called Nuclear Deterrent which does not really give me much hope. Since I have read 5 books in the series already I am going to give the series one more chance but if there is more of this ignorant nonsense in the next one this series goes on the do-not-read and rubbish shelf at the same time.

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