Exeter – Friday the 13th meets The Excorcist

I guess you could say that this movie felt a bit like Friday the 13th meets The Exorcist. Well, I guess that is not entirely fair to The Exorcist since that movie, although being old, is a way better movie than this one. This is not a bad movie but it is no shining star either. It is pretty much what you could expect. A bunch of insanely stupid teenagers boozing and doing insanely stupid and illogical things while a supernatural entity decimates them in various gory ways. […]

The Earth Conundrum

The Earth Conundrum – What a load of nonsense!

This is one of those books that popped up in my recommendations on Amazon. Usually I have enough in my pipeline to not bother about those but occasionally I do go for them just to expand my horizons a bit. Quite often I find some new author that I like or at least another good book. This time I am afraid that my in the spur of the moment purchase was a bit of a mistake. […]

Fast & Furious 7

Fast & Furious 7 – Explosions, fast cars, fighting, more explosions…I liked it!

This movie is probably not for everyone. It is very typical for the latest Fast & Furious movies though. The movie can be summed up by explosions, fast cars, fighting, did I mention explosions, repeat until credits roll. For me it was just what I expected and just what I wanted from this particular movie as well. If you are into fast cars, lots of action and explosive special effects and a bit of male macho talk then this movie will please you just fine. […]

Blood Cross

Blood Cross – Okay urban fantasy book that failed somewhat to engage me.

On the whole it was a read worthy book but only just so. There are ten main books in the series so I guess there are enough people liking the books though so I will continue reading a few more books in the series in the hope that it will improve as we go along. This is just the second book after all and it was not until the fourth book in The Dresden Files that I really started to like that series so fingers crossed. […]


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