The Last Hunter book 1 & 2 – Shaky start but improved in book 2.

The book is well written and I really liked the main protagonist but… I really disliked the story. So I said to myself that there is a chance that book two will pick up in a direction that is more palatable to me so I held off on the judgement until I had read it. Well long story short, it did indeed do so.

Lady In Black – Okayish

This installment is not one of the best books in the series. I gave it a three star rating but, to be honest, that was just barely.

Crucifix – A pretty decent urban fantasy book.

Overall this was a rather enjoyable read. Solid urban fantasy with a nice mixture of story progression, decent and often fun dialogue and of course plenty of demon ass kicking. I hope this series stays on track and doesn’t go the way of War of the Angels.

A Torn Veil – Okayish…

Overall a pretty average book. I cannot really find much to say about it. It follows the other six books in the series and it is pretty much in the same style except of course that Angelica has developed a lot since those first books.

A Call to Insurrection – Good space opera in the Honorverse.

One thing you can be sure of when you dig into a book by David Weber, whether there are additional authors mentioned on the book or not, is that you are starting to read a book that is well written with a story that has quite some work behind it.

Is WordPress going down the drain?

It is some time since I wrote a rant but the last couple of weeks the shenanigans perpetrated by WordPress have slowly built up enough to trigger one. So her we go… For years I have been happy using WordPress for my two blogs. You didn’t really have to spend much effort to create a…

Red Notice – Silly but fun.

This movie is one of those ridiculously silly but quite fun movies. It is a movie that makes no pretense other than to be entertaining.

Eternals – Neither good nor bad.

Although it was nice to watch a Marvel movie which is not just a rehash of the same old universe and which was reasonably woke-free for once this movie was unfortunately pretty meh.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Yeah, almost woke-free.

This is a film that I was on one hand looking forward to watch and on another hand feared to watch. I was really hoping that this movie would be able to reboot the franchise after that abysmal piece of woke shit Ghostbusters (2016) had totally ruined it.

Angel Dust – About time this series ended.

I have to be honest, the only reason I read this books was because I’ve read the other ten books in the series and, since this was supposed to be the last one, I just wanted to finish of the series.

Latest reads…

Anyway, long story short, I fell behind and thus here we go with some short updates/reviews of my latest reads so I can clean out the to-review shelf and get back on track.