Oblivion's Light

Oblivion’s Light – Yet another entertaining book in the Slaver Wars/ The Lost Fleet series.

This is yet another entertaining instalment in the Lost Fleet series. It is the third instalment in the Lost Fleet series and this series build upon the Slaver Wars series with 7 instalments if you include the Moon Wreck episodes. All of the books in the series have been quite enjoyable. They are simple, straightforward space opera with a mix of space battles, exploration and adventure.


Titanborn – Very good little adventure story.

This book is about the characters, the interaction between them and the development of both the story and the characters. As far as the characters goes the author have created quite a few (very) interesting characters which compels you (me at least) to want to read the next page in order to get to know what happens, perhaps not so much as far as the story goes which is sometimes a wee bit predictable. Nothing wrong with that though, I rather have a wee bit predictable story than one that splatters the book with ludicrous twists in each chapter. However the main interest to me was rather the characters themselves and what they are about to do next.

Falcone Strike

Falcon Strike – My cup of tea!

Like the first instalment in this book series from Christopher Nuttall this book is my cup of tea. The adventures of Captain Kat Falcone and the war against the religious fanatics in the Theocracy continues at a brisk pace. Kat is already a war hero and it is safe to say that she adds to that reputation in this book.

Black Arts

Black Arts -Another enjoyable Jane Yellowrock book.

Black Arts is another enjoyable book in the Jane Yellowrock series. Jane herself is very much my style of character now when she has settled in her role as a rather bad-ass chick and, especially, that her “secret” of being a Skinwalker is out so that she is not tip-toeing around her friends as well as enemies any more trying to hide that she can do some serious ass-kicking.

The Lost Colony

The Lost Colony – The Lost Starship story continues to entertain

The Lost Starship series continues to be an entertaining read with this, the fourth, instalment in the series. The “old men” desperately needs to fight back against the New Men but, as the book blurb states, the New Men continues to throw gravel into the machinery. As usual the paranoid and stupid humans react in ways that are not exactly the most efficient ones when it comes to achieving an actual victory.


Nyxe – Moderately entertaining short novella

The book blurb on Amazon as well as on Goodreads use words like “Sensational #1 All-Star Bestselling…”. I do not know what qualifies as bestselling but I sincerely doubt that this book is really bestselling. It is certainly not sensational and very far from all-star material as far as I am concerned. It can best be describes as a moderately entertaining short novella.

Mission Impossible III

Mission Impossible III – Decent action movie, still not my idea of a Mission Impossible movie.

This instalment, the third movie, in the Mission Impossible movie series is better than Mission Impossible II although it has to be said that this is not that difficult as far as I am concerned. The movie is more balanced in pace and the stunts and action scenes are not so totally over the top and ludicrous as in the second half of Mission Impossible II. Having said that there are still lots of pretty outrageous action stunts. This movie also has a real bad-ass villain that would not have been out of place in a classical James Bond movie.


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