Empire of Bones – Easy to read and quite fun little space opera.

This book is not exactly a literary masterpiece but it is a quite fun and entertaining little space opera novel nevertheless. It is a fairly straight forward adventure story with the usual elements, a fallen empire, surviving factions trying to rebuild, monarchs and emperors rule, heroes are heroes and bad guys are bad guys. Naturally a lot action and a little bit of romance is thrown in.


The Sergeant’s Apprentice -Emily bags a third necromancer. Fun read. Great Book.

This is another great book in the Schooled in Magic series of books. Emily is back in her own time in the Allied Lands yet for most of the book it is another change of scenery for Emily. As the book blurb states the Nameless World goes to war and, of course, Emily is on the front lines. I rarely give a 10 out of 10 star rating and it is almost unheard of that I give it to two books in the same series straight after one another but, although I think I liked Paste Tense just a tad better, this book definitely deserves a 10 out of 10 rating.


Escalation – Pretty good start of The Frontiers Saga part 2.

Escalation is the first book in The Frontiers Saga: Rouge Castes which is part 2 of The Frontiers Saga, a 15 books series that started with Aurora: CV-01. I was a enjoying this series greatly up to the final book which ended in a way that did not sit well with me at all. It was therefore with some hesitation that I picked up this book, the first one in part 2 of the saga. I am happy that I did since I did indeed like this book. It sets the stage for another interesting adventure in The Frontiers Saga universe.


Bright Blaze of Magic – Good ending to the Black Blade trilogy.

I quite liked this third book in the trilogy and the ending of the story arc started in Cold Burn of magic. There are plenty of action and adventure. The book starts with a big fight seemingly spelling the doom for the Sinclair family but Victor Draconi did not factor Lila and her friends into the equation. Minor spolier alert! One thing I like with this book is that the baddies actually get what they deserve and not a simple quick kill either but a nice showdown where we get to see, or rather read about, his surprise just before the end. I know I am sucker for happy endings.


Dark Heart of Magic – Enjoyable young adult urban fantasy.

This is the second instalment in the Black Blade series and as the previous book this one falls in the young adult segment although it is less “young” and more mature than a lot of books in this segment. It is an enjoyable read even for adult readers, at least if you have some of that youth spirit left in you. It is written in the usual Jennifer Estep style, which is good, but with a slant towards the younger audience compared to, for example, the Elemental Assassin series.


We Lead -Another good read from Christopher Nuttall

Another good, solid read in the military science fiction genre from Christopher Nuttall. As the book blurb states humanity finally gets an edge over the enemy…or do they? It is an experimental device and a one shot one at that, and the enemies technical superiority when it comes to missiles are still there. This is a book with fierce battles as well as sacrifices.


The Belial Guard – Started well enough but went downhill from there.

This book started well enough, not great but okay, but sadly it sent downhill from there. As usual Laney is pursuing her combat against the evil forces but in this book a lot of time is spent on Laney hiding from dumbass media jerks. The more the book progresses the more said dumbasses takes over the story and att towards the end the story deteriorates when the unbelievable assholes in various governments seems to take previously mentioned dumbasses and what they, falsely, claim as the truth of the day. What the f…?