The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep – A new enjoyable adventure in the A Learning Experience series by Nuttall

This is a rather enjoyable adventure set in the A Learning Experience universe by Christopher Nuttall. The book is pretty much freestanding although it helps if you have read the previous books. It is also somewhat different from the previous books in that it does not focus so much on the original “learning experience”. The Solar Union is firmly established and this is more of a classical beat-the-invading-aliens kind of an adventure. It is a good adventure but it lacks a bit of the originality that the first books had […]

Onedrive Fail

What the f… kind of idiots have taken over Microsoft?

Now Microsoft have decided to cancel the unlimited OneDrive storage citing that a few people were abusing it. Seriously Microsoft, did you fire all your PR people in the latest batch of layoffs? How f… dumb are you? Are you going to tell the world that you where to dumb to realise that people was actually going to use your unlimited offer? Then to add to the insult to your users you are going to punish everyone for the acts of a few people? This is quite frankly unbelievable! […]

Kraken Rising

Kraken Rising – Very good semi-supernatural high tech thriller.

I found this to be a very enjoyable semi-supernatural high tech thriller. Alex Hunter is back in his role as a super-hero style elite agent and he is thrown into a mission that brings him back to one of his old “hunting grounds”. There are a few threads in Alex Hunter’s history that are tied together in this book and, at least, one rather interesting new one that is begun. […]

San Andreas

San Andreas – Very Hollywood and still I liked it…a lot.

This is a classical Hollywood movie, thin plot and a lot of effects. However, this time, I quite liked it. Actually I liked it a lot. The plot, although thin, is not altogether bad, it holds together even though are quite a few unbelievable moments. However, put in the context of a traditional disaster movie, it is not bad.. Maybe this is what I like about the movie. It is really a good old fashioned disaster movie. […]


Exodus: Machine War – Bolthole – Yet another great book by Doug Dandridge

Normally I find these “side stories” of a main series to be a bit of a fun diversion as best. They often feel like the author tries to milk a few more bucks out of a successful book series. This is, as far as I am concerned, not the case with Exodus: Machine War. This is a great story, a good story line and a great book. Of course I am somewhat biased in that I know what I like and the story of this book is very much my cup of tea. It is action all the way. It, especially, has some great fleet action as well as good ground action. […]

Hammer of God

Hammer of God – More of a short story but fun read nonetheless.

This is more of a short story than a “real” book. It is quite fun read but it does not really advance the story very much. It is pretty fast paced but lacks a lot of the detail and the mystery suspense of the full books in the series. There is plenty of action (of course) and it has the usual supernatural and mystery elements that we are used to in this series but it is definitely somewhat predictable and it did feel a bit more like reading a comic book than a full fledged entry in the Alex Hunter series. […]


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