About Me and This Site

Holiday Porto 2013As you might have guessed this site is about books, movies and computers. These subjects happen to be hobbies of mine and on this site I write about these hobbies. Maintaining this site is, of course, also a bit of a hobby of mine. Thus the site is strictly non-professional and the reviews and other posts are entirely my personal opinions and nothing else. The choice of subjects for the posts are either what book I have recently read or what movie I have recently watched or simply what I felt like writing about.

Originally I started off with a single personal family blog. That blog still exists here and I still make posts about things related to myself and my family on that blog. I found out however that I tried to shoehorn two different things into one blog. Parents and other family back in Sweden cared less about my book and movie interests and only wanted to read family related things where most other people probably was less interested in the family side of things.

So I split my original blog in two and moved my book, computer and movie related content to this blog. My main genre, especially as far as books are concerned, are in Science Fiction and Fantasy so you will notice a rather heavy bias towards such material on this site.

Me, I have a Master’s Degree in computer engineering and work as a computer engineer at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is the worlds largest particle physics laboratory with around 2 500 staff, 11 000 visiting scientists from different institutes in over 110 countries.

Apart from the subjects of this blog I also like photography and electronic gadgets in general. If you want to know more about the part of me that does not revolve around books, computers and movies then head over to My Personal Ramblings site.

Yes, I have a Facebook page as well here but I really do not use it very much. Most of the updates are automatic ones from Goodreads, IMDb or similar sites.