Bye bye 2022.

Well, that’s it. 2022 is gone and now I have to remember to write 2023 instead. That probably take a month or so as usual.

In between the Christmas food, present opening, fois gras for New Year’s Eve (yes I live in France so fois gras is obligatory for New Year’s Eve and any woke whiners can go f… themselves) I finished the last of my books for 2022. All in all I finished 183 books in 2022 which means that I comfortably completed my Goodread’s Reading Challenge of 150 books this year. Not that I really read just to complete a challenge but it’s a fun thing so…

Do I have any favorites from 2022. Well of course. Empire’s Gambit and Burden of Command, both from the Empire Rising series are two of the five books that got five stars in 2022. The other three five star books for 2022 are Prince War Leader, To Stand Defiant and The Chimera Coup.

That’s four military science fiction books against a single fantasy book and not a single urban fantasy book. That probably well reflects the quality ratio of the genres. At least the ratio between military science fiction and urban fantasy unfortunately.

What about the other side of the spectrum? Well there were four books in 2022 that got a single star rating (or a star and a half). These were Alien Secrets, The Good Shifter, Dishonorable Angels and Fratricide. As usual, a book gets single star rating from me if writing is crap, the story is crap or it is filled with woke or fanatical green shit.

So now I guess we will see what 2023 brings. I still have 5 books from 2022 in my backlog to review but I also have a few more days of holiday so… fingers crossed that I will clean that out before I start to work again.

Hopefully my reading will continue and I will manage to keep up the reviewing/blogging regardless of what else happens. With the senile sock puppet and his lunatic far left handlers (criminals) still in the White House, busy tanking the world economy and dancing to the tunes of the enemies of western civilization I do not really have that high hopes for 2023.

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