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News Bento – Excellent rss/news reader for Windows 8

News Bento OverviewWhile looking around for some rss/news reader to replace the Google Reader app that I used on my old Android tablet I stumbled over News Bento.

This is really an excellent little app for reading rss news feeds. If you already have Google Reader set up this app will happily load up the settings from your Google account. If not there is a swatch of pre-set-up feeds you can choose from or you can, of course, add your own feed URL’s.

News Bento Feed ViewIt is real easy to lay out your feeds on the app’s home page. Any folders that you have made in Google Reader are maintained so you can choose to have tiles with a whole folder or a single feed. It is not a one-off loading but a real sync so if you change the composition of a Google Reader folder it will be reflected in News Bento the next time you load it. The news feeds (or folders) are also displayed in a pleasing and easy to read way unlike the boring lists that many news reader displays. You really get the feeling that you are reading a newspaper.

That the app is quite fast and responsive as well as free does not exactly hurt either. I use it every evening for reading the latest news when I come home from work.

2 comments on “News Bento – Excellent rss/news reader for Windows 8

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