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Google shuts down Google Reader, the one Google product that I actually used

Google Reader RIPAs most people surely already know, Google will shut down its Google Reader this summer. Isn’t that typical of Google. It is (was) pretty much the only Google product that I actually used and would miss. Oh well, I cannot say that I am grief struck having to get rid of a Google product. It is just a shame that it had to be the one thing I actually used.

Anyway, nothing bad that doesn’t have anything good with it. Now I will no longer supply Google with information for their directed ad crap by going through their feed proxy every time I click on something.

As soon as I got the news about the demise of their reader I quickly disconnected my News Bento app from Google and added the news feeds I subscribed to directly in the app. Works just as well except that I cannot organize multiple feeds under a single tile on Bento’s home page. That’s maybe something they will add in the future though. Sure, I do not have access to my news feeds everywhere I am but with the app settings sync of Windows 8 I at least get everything synced across my Windows 8 machines which is good enough for me.

So bye bye Google. Now I can avoid you almost entirely 🙂

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