The Magi Saga books 3 to 7 – That was pretty bad.

The Magi Saga books 3 to 7.
By Andrew Dobell.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

Blurb from the first book in the series:

Nothing ruins your day quite like a werewolf attack!
Then you discover Magic is real, lethal, and you can use it.
What would you do?

Amanda-Jane Page is an ordinary girl struggling to make a living on the streets of Manhattan.
But when she’s thrown down an alleyway by a werewolf, her magic manifests in a blast of raw power.

Drawn deeper into her new life of magic, she meets other Magi, and joins a hunt for a powerful artifact. Working with her new friends, she fights the murderous dark Magi, led from the shadows by the mysterious witch Yasmin.

Amanda must learn the ways of magic to stand a chance against the forces arrayed against her. Failure means losing the war, and victory for the forces of darkness.

Well, that was pretty bad actually. I have to confess that, after book three, I was more or less speed reading to get to the end. I was stupid enough to fall for a by-all-books-for-a-cheap-price offer. Well, you get what you pay for and I didn’t pay much.

When I wrote my review of the first book my blogging friend Bookstoge he predicted that a) gods will be involved in the next book or b) she’ll meet Mr Right, have a torrid love affair and then find out he’s a badguy. Since I have red enough urban fantasy turning bad I cannot say that I wanted to contradict him but the first book, and even the second one was not too shabby actually so I naively had some hopes.

Well, it turns out that Bookstoge was wrong… It was worse than that.

Gods didn’t really turn up. The author brought in bloody aliens… and space ships.

She didn’t meet Mister Right, she did indeed jump into bed with the baddie its just that it was Madame Right, or rather Madame Wrong since everyone with half a brain could see that she was a bitch and a baddie .

So, unfortunately this series turned out to be quite a bit of a mess with a rather poor story, a bunch of woke crap, a stupid main protagonist getting beaten up most of the time, fucking aliens and spaceships and in general just being bad.

All the books from book three was, at best, two star material and the seventh and last book managed to creep up to three stars, barely, and that was just because Amanda finally got to kick that bitch’s ass.

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