A Dragon’s Dare – Decent but no more.

A Dragon’s Dare.
Chronicles of an Urban Druid, #10.
By Auburn Tempest.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

Life is a balance—at least that’s what I’m told by people smarter than me.
Try as I might to spend quality time with Sloan, family, friends, and companion animals my magnet of mayhem often has other ideas.

Adulting is hard.

So when I move an adolescent dragon into my backyard why don’t I anticipate the craziness that will ensue?

Maybe Sloan’s right and I am ridiculous.

I like to think I’m an optimist.

Either way, it takes a group effort to figure out the mess we find ourselves in and what to do about it.

The good news is, we may be able to reclaim our lives. The bad news?

We may alter the course of the future in the process.

One mind bendy conundrum at a time, amirite*?
* And Merlin… I was not expecting that! Huh.

This was a decent enough book but it was far from the best in the series.

I almost got the feeling that this book was a bit of a filler book. I wrote almost and feeling because it is not really true, there are some advancements that brings the main protagonist as well as some of her friends forward in the overall story arc, but I never really felt into this book.

The book has a lot of the good things that we have gotten used to from this series. There’s the usual characters of course, the bantering between them, some decent action and a not too shabby story moving things forward.

However, in the first few pages, the author whisks away our lovely druid and a good chunk of her friends, not to a land far, far away (not too much at least) but in time. It becomes fantasy instead of urban fantasy. After that the entire story felt like a parenthesis to me and I was rooting more for them to get back to an urban fantasy setting than for them to solve the task at hand.

This is of course a very personal opinion and I’m sure other readers like it much more than me but I was not too thrilled with this instalment in the series.

Still a well written book and there’s really not anything wrong with it though so anything less than three stars would be unfair.

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