Renegade – More or less the same as the first book, that is pretty decent.

Damian’s Chronicles, #2.
By Michael Todd and Laurie Starkey.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

The church is so very needy. 

Sitting at a Roman café waiting for a friend, Damian is starting to think that taking a van full of unconscious priests might not have been the best option. 

Nonetheless, Damian has survived his first couple of weeks as a “Demon <redacted>” or whatever the church wants to call him. 

Can his protégé settle into the life of a warrior priest? Max still fights his own personal demons but hopes for a better future with Damian as his guide. 

Neither of the priests’ demons are terribly happy with their hosts. Can Astaroth modify Max’s entertainment habits or Ravi change Damian’s sense of fashion?

Good luck with that. 

Danger will hit Damian hard in the face, and he will have to decide between friendship and duty

Damian never was very good at following orders or dealing with limitations placed on him…

I don’t know why it is so popular to write books together with some other author these days. Usually it doesn’t improve the book at all and it destroys any form of continuity of style when suddenly another author add his style to the book. Well, the first book in this series were written by the same authors so at least this book follows the same style as the first one.

Actually Michael Anderle has stuck his name on this book as well but I have stopped counting him and his name unless he is the only writer on the book. I doubt there’s a single paragraph written by him in this one.

As for the book. As I wrote it is pretty much more of the same as in the first book. Damian goes after another case of infected priests which of course entails a number of ass kickings and exorcisms.

There is a lot of dialogue between Damian and the other main characters and, in particular, between Damian, Max and their demons. There’s a bit of development going on there which is nice.

Overall I like the main characters and their demons. The “guest star”, Damian’s old buddy, was a good addition as well. It was quite funny when he fell foul of the “comedy element” of these books, that is the old infected lady and her not so accidental incidents.

Overall it is a decent book. Not fantastic by still an enjoyable read.

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