A Torn Veil – Okayish…

A Torn Veil.
Reincarnation of the Morrigan, #7.
By Renée Jaggér.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of five stars.

Angelica Morgan knows better than to trust that saving Una was the end of the war against the gods.

Temporary peace is just that—temporary.

Ang’s connection to the Morrigan’s past lives gives her a clue as to what horrors are stirring.

Cernunnos is conspicuously absent and Ruadan is giving nothing away. However, minor powers are surfacing, and Ang and her team must get ahead of their emergence or face the consequences of the supernatural world revealing itself.

Ang must call on a source who is as unwilling as she is to make contact. What she learns throws her into a race against time to gather her allies before everything she’s working to protect is endangered.

The old ways are returning…

A clash is coming as the two parts of Ang’s life collide.

Can Morrigan get ahead of the game before the gods carve up the world in their wars against each other?

Okayish is the best word I can come up with to describe this book.

It is a fairly run of the mill urban fantasy novel. Of the books that I have read in this series this one is somewhere in the middle. Not the worst and not the best.

Angelica, aka the Morrigan, is rather enjoyable and she does surround herself with some fairly enjoyable characters. This Abhartach guy was a decent comic relief. Too bad the author made that character go sour a bit in the, unfortunately obligatory apparently, cliff-hanger. Her whisky drinking mentor is always fun.

The story is decent although I’m getting a bit tired of the Cernunnos story arc. I’m also pretty damned tired of the constant flashbacks. For me the books would work better without them.

Overall a pretty average book. I cannot really find much to say about it. It follows the other six books in the series and it is pretty much in the same style except of course that Angelica has developed a lot since those first books.

One thing it has going for it of course is that it refrains from the usual teenage wet dream episodes that are way too common in urban fantasy novels.

Read worthy but that’s about it.

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