Finally this horrible year is over.

What a horrible year. Hospitalized for a month. Several months in recovery running at half speed…at best. For the first time in quite a few years I didn’t manage to meet my Goodreads reading challenge although I did come close thanks to a bit of a sprint towards the end of the year.

All thanks to the Chinese virus that the irresponsible communist dictatorship of China let loose onto the world. And which was subsequently aggravated by irresponsible scare mongering media and incompetent politicians.

Take Macron (or the Macronavirus has we call him in France) for example. All he has done is holding useless speeches and deciding on useless rules and restrictions.

One would have though, given that a second wave was inevitable, that he would bolster the health care system but oh now. Instead, he was happily continuing to pouring money into all kinds of pet projects and the EU and once the second wave hit he appeared on TV speaking for hours when it all could be said in five minutes and continued with his confinements and rubbish rules. All he did was tank the French economy, the effects of which we will be suffering from for many years to come.

60 000 people have died from Covid. 90 000 people dies every year from suicide in France. Why doesn’t the media write and endless stream of articles about that? Why do I have to wear a mask that stops particles down to 3 microns when the virus is 1.25 microns? Why do I have to stand two meter behind the guy in front of me at the supermarkets when the distance to the guy in the queue to the left of me is less than half a meter?

Okay, I guess I’m done venting steam now.

In the hope of 2021 being a better year I went for another reading challenge of 130 books this year. The same as last year and hopefully I will be able to meet the challenge this year. After all, 2021 could hardly be worse than 2020. Hopefully I didn’t jinx 2021 now.

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