The Void: Quite okay read.

The Void (Alex Hunter, #7) by Greig Beck
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars

coverSomething has traveled for a billion years to find us – and now it has.

In space, Commander Mitch Granger and his crew are nearing the end of their scientific mission – along with their covert satellite photography for the military. As they prepare for reentry, an unknown object emerges from the void; the name given to deep, dark space.

The object proves impossible to evade. The crew have one option left – to bring the fragment aboard.

Immediately, all contact with the shuttle is lost.

NASA watches helplessly as their craft breaks orbit and heads back to Earth where it crashes high up in the Revelation Mountains of Alaska.

The space agency puts together an emergency recovery team, but the Russians also want the US military photographic data onboard. The race is on to be the first to the crash site, nearly 10,000 feet up in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. But there is another problem. Satellite images show that something else came down in the shuttle, something moving about when no one should be alive. And that seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

NASA needs help, and protection. Send in the HAWCs. But even HAWC captain Alex Hunter, the last super-soldier of the Arcadian program, has never come up against a threat so old, and from so far…

Overall this is another book series which I have generally liked but which has been somewhat uneven. This installment is one of the better ones. None of the books have reached 5 out of 5 star but this one gets a 4 out of 5 from me.

In this book Alex Hunter is back as a member of the HAWCs and with a proper team. None of that being on the run or going insane crap that have infested some of the books in the series.

I also like that the story is a nice mix of science fiction, mystery and horror. Alex is kick-ass as usual and so is his team. In the books he is saddled with a few non-team members which made me somewhat worried at the start but it turned out not being too bad. I do hate when utter douche-bags ruins things for the hero but, as I wrote, it was not too bad.

There are some additional bad guys as well which, not surprisingly, are Alex’s Russian counterparts. For Christ sake, get over the political nonsense spewed out by sore loosers in Washington and find some other bad-guys than Russians! There are plenty of choices after all. How about communist China?

There are plenty of action of course and some plots and twist in the story although the story was mostly fairly predictable. I guess I have read too many of these kind of books by now to be easily surprised. It has a nice build up of the mystery parts. Not too rushed as in many books. In general it is a decent story and a good book.

The one bad thing about the book was the ending/epilogue though. Come on! It was just cheap and lazy. Rinse and repeat.

6 thoughts on “The Void: Quite okay read.

    1. (Spoiler alert) Never really happened. If I remember correctly, in the 4th book Aimee is left believing Alex is dead and he lets it be that way in order to protect them from having more of his enemies come after them. He is briefly tracking them down in the 5th book, again if I remember correctly, but never approaches them and then pretty much goes back to kicking ass as before.

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        1. I just rechecked. Thank God for ebooks where you can search instead of having to fast-read the entire bloody book. There is a passage in this book where Hammerson states that he promised Aimee that he would give Alex “leave” which I guess implies that he never really quit working as a HAWC.

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