Unbelievable, Microsoft uses YOUR bandwidth to deliver updates to other people.

Windows 10 UnhappyTo me this is bloody unbelievable. I recently discovered that Microsoft, without telling you, is enabling a torrent style way of delivering updates to everyone. That means that, once you have downloaded an update your Windows installation will start to use your hardware as a node from which it delivers the update to other people.

For Microsoft this is of course perfect since it will offload their servers and conserve their bandwidth. To me it is criminal behaviour to enable this without giving the user a choice or even telling him. This together with the buggy state of Windows 10 as well as poor design decisions (of course from my personal view) I am quite outraged over Microsoft’s behaviour.

Having said that, I have now also installed Windows 10 on a desktop PC and, as was perhaps expected, on this device it is much more of an improvement even though it is still buggy. I will probably write another post on that subject some time later.

Oh by the way, if you think that you can go back on whatever you install as you used to be able to do in Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 then think again. Microsoft, in another inexplicable decision, have decided to disable system restore and automatic recovery points. What the fuck Microsoft?

2 thoughts on “Unbelievable, Microsoft uses YOUR bandwidth to deliver updates to other people.

  1. A lot of these points are invalid. Microsoft DO tell people. I’m sick of hearing about it, and getting notifications about it in Windows. Second, the amount of bandwidth used will be unnoticeable as it will be shared between so many people. Third, the choice is your own whether you want to use this option or not, if you don’t just switch it off and get updates as normal.

    That being said I agree that their design decisions are awful. Most metro apps are terrible.. mail is just laughable!

    Microsoft are a bit weird and secretive with updates alright though, especially not telling us what’s in the updates.
    I think that they can get away with not letting people uninstall updates since there’s so many WindowsInsiders using the previews. They are getting lots of feedback from them before they ever push the updates to the general public.

    Possibly they are saving money as they don’t need to do extensive testing beforehand.. and their ‘leaks’ are just laughable at this stage, a leak is accidental, Microsoft leaks are just unofficial builds with no guarantee!

    Regarding System-Restore.. I find it handier to just have the latest iso to do a reinstall instead of a restore or repair as you keep everything as it was. The Reset-This-PC option is a joke!


    1. I pretty much disagree with your first points. There was absolutely NO information that this was going to be enabled when I upgraded to Windows 10. There was also NO information when I did a full reinstall. If I had not known about and could go in a disable it, it would just have been enabled and that is criminal behaviour to me. Maybe the bad press has caused them to add notifications now but there sure as hell was none when I did my upgrades / installs.

      Also, to say that the bandwidth used is negligible is not true. If you are on a slow connection, like a lot of people are, it is not at all negligible. The fact that they implement such a thing, and do NOT really tell people, is infuriating.

      If you install a leak, well then it is your problem. Nothing forces you to go do it. The issue is that even the official installs are abysmal bug ridden crap.


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