Broke a new record this year.

The year is almost over and this morning I briefly looked at my Goodreads stats and realized that I have read almost twice as many books as was my goal in my annual Goodreads reading challenge. 218 books this year and I might get one more in before Monday. No wonder I am constantly behind with the reviews.

Not that reading as many books as possible is really a goal in itself but I do usually set a goal for myself in the reading challenge just to not slack off. With all the media offers available, like Netflix etc, it is all too easy to get absorbed in more brain numbing activities after all.

Book StatsAnyway, I have to say that I feel quite good about it. Especially after the abysmal year of 2016 when my personal problems got the better of me. That year I didn’t even manage to meet my, quite moderate, reading challenge. Oh, 2011 is the year that I started to use Goodreads for the first time by the way and that was in October that year so that year’s stats kind of doesn’t count.

3 thoughts on “Broke a new record this year.

  1. I am wicked impressed. Especially considering how many movies and tv shows you also watch!

    Are you socially active on GR and just use WP as a backup? While you seem to have a pretty good blog output here, you also don’t “act” like a blogger, if you know what I mean. (and NO offense intended, please don’t take that way), ie, I’ve never seen you elsewhere in the blogosphere.

    Thanks for putting up with the nosy questions 🙂

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    1. Absolutely no offence taken. Yeah, I guess I’m not a “real” blogger. Tinkering with my site is more like a hobby. I started off quite a while ago with a personal site as a means of sending news to my family back home and then it kind of expanded.

      Sadly my family back home all passed away very rapidly a few years ago. Part of the reason for my dip at that time.

      In real life I’m actually quite introvert. I do really like the interest you have shown for my humble blog. Again, no offense taken 😀.

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      1. Glad to hear. Sometimes one never knows how the words are going to come across 🙂

        I would definitely qualify you as a real blogger. You post very regularly and I find your reviews interesting and pretty helpful. If I had to give you a label, I’d say you were not an engaged blogger. You are satisfied with your own blog and don’t need the input of others to validate your writing. That is the goal I strive for, but as you can tell, I rather fail. I’m extremely introverted in real life too, but get me online and my words just explode, so lots of people think I’m an extrovert. And I can’t seem to follow someone without commenting a lot.

        I do trust that your blog keeps going strong in 2019!

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