Harry Brown…not as good as I hoped

We watched Harry Brown last weekend. I’m afraid it wasn’t as good as I hoped. I often like Michael Caine but I really didn’t like this particular movie. Some people say this movie is a British version of Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino but that’s really stretching it as far as I’m concerned. Gran Torino had quite a few bright moments although the film as a … Continue reading Harry Brown…not as good as I hoped

Picked up some new Blu-rays at MediaMarkt

This week Bodil picked up two new movies, Hoodwinked Too and Harry Brown, for my collection at MediaMarkt when she waited for the kids at the Swedish school in Meyrin. It’s really a long time since we bought films at MediaMarkt. It doesn’t happen very often any more. We used to get all our films there but with the convenience of Amazon where you can … Continue reading Picked up some new Blu-rays at MediaMarkt

Final Destination V

As has become a bit of habit since there’s usually nothing worth watching on satellite and none of us has to wake up early in the morning, Friday evening was a watch-something-from-the-not-yet-watched-shelf-of-my-film-collection evening. So we sat down and watched Final Destination 5. A lot of people have claimed that this release in the series is better than the other ones. I disagree. I do not … Continue reading Final Destination V

Cowboys and Aliens

Trust Steven Spielberg to manage to get aliens into just about every possible situation. He managed to squeeze them into Indiana Jones, which I wasn’t too thrilled about, and now he has managed to make a western movie with aliens. As you might have guessed, we watched Cowboys & Aliens yesterday evening. Quite an okay movie. I wasn’t as disturbed by seeing aliens in a … Continue reading Cowboys and Aliens

Watched Green Lantern yesterday evening

Nothing really on TV yesterday evening so it was perfectly suited for watching the Green Lantern. Especially since there’s, obviously, no school today so Timothy could sit up late. Since the film is pretty much all about green special effects he, of course, just had to see it. As is often the case with these films, the film was okay (pretty much saved by it’s … Continue reading Watched Green Lantern yesterday evening

The Final Destination (Final Destination #4)

Nothing interesting on TV last night so we resorted to the not-yet-watched shelf of our film collection. The choice fell on the fourth installment of the Final Destination series. For some reason this one is named The Final Destination instead of Final Destination 4. Almost looks like they expected this installment to be the final in the series but since the 5th one is about to come out … Continue reading The Final Destination (Final Destination #4)

X-Men: First Class on Blu-ray

We watched X-Men: First Class on Blu-ray the weekend that passed. Good movie. Not spectacular but good. Maybe I’m getting too used (spoiled) with all these super-hero movies that’s produced nowadays but they fail to really impress me lately. I just feel they’re not going that last 10 or 20% from very good to excellent. I had the same feeling with Thor. Actually with Thor … Continue reading X-Men: First Class on Blu-ray

Mel Gibsons Edge of Darkness on Blu-ray

I hadn’t read up on this movie very much before getting it. Although few of his movies can rival Braveheart, which he filmed in 1995, I have generally liked Mel Gibson’s movies so I simply ordered Edge of Darkness a while ago when it popped up in the list of new Blu-ray releases at Amazon. I did expect an action movie but this is really more … Continue reading Mel Gibsons Edge of Darkness on Blu-ray

Nothing on TV last night, watched Priest instead

Last night there was nothing on TV. Well, there was plenty on TV of course but either we had already seen it or we didn’t really care for seeing it. So we watched Priest which we had just received on Blu-ray from Amazon instead. I film just in my style. It’s a future/alternate reality kind of apocalyptic action/horror movie. Fairly simple and straightforward plot where … Continue reading Nothing on TV last night, watched Priest instead