Film Reel with ImagesI’ve always liked to watch movies. I wouldn’t say that I did it more than any other kid during my childhood. Probably even less. I didn’t go to the cinemas that often since it was quite a drive from where we lived so I was constrained to the Swedish state television which was, and is, crap.

However, once the concept of having a home cinema with a multi-channel sound system became feasible without first having to rob a bank, my movie interest went up drastically. It would say that it isn’t just the watching of movies that makes up my interest but it’s probably equal parts the watching, the collection of them (on DVD and now also Blu-ray) and finally the gadget man in me being able to indulge myself in amplifiers, speakers etc…

Thus, after having gotten my first home cinema sound system I started to buy more and more movies on DVD, my collection grew, I replaced my first home cinema sound system with a better one and so it went on.

Onkyo 876Now I have a Movie Collection consisting of 900+ movies at the time of writing this and some fairly decent home cinema hardware with a 46” LED backlit Philips LCD with local dimming, a Onkyo 876 7x200W (IEC) A/V Receiver set up for a 5.1 system with Focal 800 series speaker and a Sony Blu-ray/DVD player. Focal826vI would really like to be able to have a dedicated room in which I could make a true home cinema but my house/budget do not really allow for that. At least not for now.

As you might have noticed if you clicked on the link to my movie collection I use Collectorz Movie Collector for managing my collection. For quite a while I was using DVD Profiler by Invelos Software for really managing the collection since it had a much better on-line database. However, DVD Profiler have not evolved at all in the last couple of years and there starts to be more and more new titles and discs missing from their database. It appears that the owner have more or less abandon the software. Thus Movie Collector from Collectors is now my main and only software for managing my collection.

As with the books, I try to write a post about the movies I watch here on my blog and in the same way, these reviews are in no way aspiring to be professional reviews. As with the rest of the blog, they express my thoughts and opinions which I write as part of my hobby interests and should not be taken as anything else.