CERN Computer CentreIf you have read the About page you know already that I am a computer engineer by profession currently working at CERN. The image to the right is a part of the CERN computer center by the way.

Computers is what I have spent most of my adult life and a good chunk of my childhood on. Obviously it’s not only a job but also a interest and hobby for me.

Now, I am not a die-hard computer geek spending all may time in front of a screen but still, rare are the days when I do not use a computer for something. Of course, today it’s difficult not to use a computer for a lot of stuff so when indulging myself in my other hobbies like photography, books and movies I often end up in front of the computer sooner or later. If nothing else so for tinkering with my collection database which I, of course, keep in a digital form.

HP Envy H9 PhoenixAt home I got a HP desktop PC which is reasonably powerful (i7-3770 at 3.4 GHz, 8Gb RAM and a SSD boot drive) by todays standard and a HP laptop which is somewhat more moderately powerful. The latter I bought to use in front of the TV in the evenings but it is rarely used any more.

The tasks of the laptop have essentially been taken over by tablets. Initially, before Windows-based tablets where available, I got myself an Acer tablet with Android on it. It did more or less what I expected of it but I was quite happy to be able to replace it with a Windows 8 tablet (also a Acer one) and get rid of that buggy Android crapware. Surface Pro 3 - 2Today  I mostly use my Surface Pro 3 which is far superior to anything else tablet-wise that I used so far. I am really happy with that one.

Naturally I got the house covered with both Wi-Fi and “power-line” Ethernet and a NAS storage for backups and media streaming.

I have been working with pretty much most of the operating systems and major development languages around and some no longer around, like VAX/VMS, but my preferred OS, especially for personal use, is Microsoft Windows. The only other OS that I deploy(ed) for personal use is the Android crapware that sits on my first Acer tablet and that one is pretty much collecting dust now that I got a Windows 8 tablet to replace it.

Occasionally I write about computer stuff here on my blog although that’s not very often. Mostly it’s because of me getting some new piece of hardware (which happens less often than one might imagine) or because something get me really interested and/or really pissed off. Naturally, what I write is my personal opinions and nothing else.

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