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Fed up with f… bloatware ?

Be warned, this is another one of my rant posts. Rude words can be expected.

Fed up with fucking bloatware? Well I for one is really tired of all the fucking bloatware that manufacturers install on their devices before shipping them. It is sooo tiresome to have to spend hours to clean up your new device the first thing you do. And sometimes the manufacturers try to prevent you from removing their crap as well!

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Got myself some smart lights.

All in all smart lights are quite fun, at least I think so, as well as practical. No more running around and turning on or off all the lights. You can turn them off automatically when the sun comes up, at a certain time or when you are not at home in order to save energy. The bulbs themselves are somewhat expensive, especially if you go for the ones that can do colors,  but they are LED powered so theoretically the should last a very long time, certainly longer than normal lightbulbs for sure.