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Bright Blaze of Magic – Good ending to the Black Blade trilogy.

I quite liked this third book in the trilogy and the ending of the story arc started in Cold Burn of magic. There are plenty of action and adventure. The book starts with a big fight seemingly spelling the doom for the Sinclair family but Victor Draconi did not factor Lila and her friends into the equation. Minor spolier alert! One thing I like with this book is that the baddies actually get what they deserve and not a simple quick kill either but a nice showdown where we get to see, or rather read about, his surprise just before the end. I know I am sucker for happy endings.

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Dark Heart of Magic – Enjoyable young adult urban fantasy.

This is the second instalment in the Black Blade series and as the previous book this one falls in the young adult segment although it is less “young” and more mature than a lot of books in this segment. It is an enjoyable read even for adult readers, at least if you have some of that youth spirit left in you. It is written in the usual Jennifer Estep style, which is good, but with a slant towards the younger audience compared to, for example, the Elemental Assassin series.