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We Lead -Another good read from Christopher Nuttall

Another good, solid read in the military science fiction genre from Christopher Nuttall. As the book blurb states humanity finally gets an edge over the enemy…or do they? It is an experimental device and a one shot one at that, and the enemies technical superiority when it comes to missiles are still there. This is a book with fierce battles as well as sacrifices.

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Scorched Earth – Another light but action filled and fun read.

It is somewhat difficult to review these books since, in a way, they are very similar to each other in the way each episode of A-team or MacGyver or any other such like TV-show is, in a way, similar. Cain just gets a new problem to solve each time. As usual the solution involves liberal application of violence and if violence do not solve the problem you use more violence. Thus when you have reviewed the first couple of book it becomes difficult to write something new.