Song of Redemption – This one went downhill.

Song of Redemption (Sentenced to War, #3).
By J.N. Chaney and  Jonathan P. Brazee.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

In the midst of humanity’s greatest fight for survival, old rivalries threaten to pull allies apart in a rush for rumored alien tech.

With the newly weaponized Sergeant Reverent Pelletier and his Marine Raiders at the tip of the spear, only they stand a chance at holding the shaky alliance together long enough to meet the enemy.

The Centaurs are on their way to destroy the very birthplace of human civilization: Mother Earth itself.

Humanity’s end may be upon us. . . but only if Rev and his team fail to do the impossible.

Wow, this went downhill really, really fast.

I was cautiously positive after reading Sentenced to War and Children of Angels, the two first books in this series, but with this third book the series pretty much tanked for me.

Rev & Co continues the fight against the Centaurs but gradually political bullshit starts to creep in to the series. To the extent that the useless bureaucrats, pencil pushers and political asshats gets Rev arrested for treason. Then follows some boring and frustrating legal and political asshatery which really annoyed me.

When Rev is finally back in action it is not because these asshats were refuted but because they have no choice.

Fast forward to the end of the book which ends in a “conclusion” to the Centaur war which, again to me, was just: You got to be fucking kidding me? Obviously I did not like it all.

Sure there is plenty of decent action in the book although it is marine ground-pounder action which is not my favorite and, to be honest, Rev himself is not really that charismatic.

So the book ending with a really shitty ending and taking a nosedive into the realm of political shenanigans is really a show-stopper for me. In addition, when reading the blurbs for the coming books, I have the distinct impression that the series is going to continue down that sordid path.

So, not so long story even shorter, I’m ditching this series.

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