Legacy of Magic books 2 to 4 – Fairly okay urban fantasy.

Legacy of Magic books 2 to 4.
By Lindsay Buroker.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

Blurb from book two:

After thirty years, Matti has learned that the dwarven mother she believed dead might only be missing—kidnapped by those who want to control her ability to enchant powerful world-changing artifacts.

But where is she now? And why is the elf assassin Sarrlevi so invested in helping find her?

Matti knows she shouldn’t trust Sarrlevi, or be drawn to his dry humor and dark past. But he keeps standing at her side to battle enemies, and she keeps forgetting that he might be an enemy himself…

I read the first book in this series at the beginning of the month and found it fairly decent. So I continued the series and it has continued to be fairly okay reading. The kind of reading you easily do in front of the TV because it is pretty standard urban fantasy books which means pretty light reading.

It is not wow great material of course but I have enjoyed reading these books. Matti is a good character and I really like the elven assassin Sarrlevi. The rest of the characters are okay but they more or less just fill up some space in the story. Well, Val and her dragon boyfriend are quite cool though.

The story is also quite okay. It is coherent, not filled with the illogical twists and uberpowerful creatures that some writers fill their crap with to cover up their poor story writing.

There is a fairly pronounced romantic element between Matti and Sarrlevi in the books but it is not really intruding on the story itself and, luckily, it never degrades into urban porn. I am not a great fan of pushing romance into my books but in these, four in total, books that I have read it is not poorly done and it fits well into the story.

Sure there are a few splatterings of woke bullshit and illogical events but they are quite few. For instance, why would Matti leave her hammer on her Harley just to appease some dumbass teacher when the entire story is about every imaginable supernatural creature wanting to lay their hands on it?

Still, overall, this is enjoyable, light reading.

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