Calamity Awakening – Okay quick read.

Calamity Awakening (Galactic Guardians, #4).
By Jonathan Yanez.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ (barely) out of 5 stars.

Adversity shows who you really are.

For Max Tyco nothing has been the same since he was taken from Earth and introduced to the Rowki. Chosen for his depth of potential a new twist has changed everything. Max’s weapon, the sardonium he can control with his mind, has turned a shade of red designated for only the fiercest of warriors.

Unsure how to control this newfound power driven from a place of rage, Max must seek the only living warrior to experience this before. Roman, was the Rowki’s fiercest champion until one day, eleven years ago, he vanished to the edge of the galaxy.

Max’s journey to find Roman will take him to a backwater planet with its own set of problems. The Galactic Government has abandoned this planet and terrifying creatures lurk under the surface. If Max is going to find Roman, harness his new ability and aid the local population he’s going to have to dig deeper than he ever has before and find a way to overcome.

This was a okay book but just barely.

The previous book ended in a way that made me somewhat eager to read this one but unfortunately it turned out to become, in my opinion, a wasted opportunity. I was hoping that finding this Rowki named Roman would be more of a Yoda experience but as it turned out the guy was nothing like that. I will not go into details (spoilers and all that) but I was quite disappointed.

The rest of the book, although it have lots of the usual banter and action was more of a side story really. Yes there were some minor character development but it did not really bring about much in terms of moving forward some main story arc really.

It was more a story were Max was sidetracked and had to solve some local problems before moving on. Yes he did pick up a new friend and yes there were some developments between Max and some of the crew that may lead somewhere in the future but that is it.

Maybe it is my own fault for having made assumptions about where the story would go and thus built up my expectations but I felt a bit disappointed by this book.

It is still a decent sci-fi adventure though so three stars it is.

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