Fratricide – Didn’t really like this one.

Fratricide (Judge, Jury & Excecutioner, #6).
By Craig Martelle.
My rating ⭐ 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Safety takes a back seat to profit. Until it crosses the line.

Shipyard deaths. Labor complaints. Fear. Intimidation. Rivka gets called in to sort things out, investigate the safety issues, mediate the dispute.

What she finds isn’t a negotiation at all. She puts on her Magistrate hat and gets to work sorting out crimes made to look like accidents. Her biggest challenge is finding out who is honest.

Rivka ends up in a court of law, prosecutor and defender, fighting both sides of a new and intricate legal question. When fists and firepower have to give way to intellect and reason, Rivka and her team must rise to the challenge.

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

I did not really like this book. The story is simply pretty bad.

There are still several of the good parts that I do like in this series. In particular Rivka and her kick-ass team and how she takes down assholes that think they can stand in the way of her investigations.

But the story is really rubbish. For starters, the book blurb is quite misleading. That in itself is not a bad thing since these big companies are bad stories are really tiresome. The story is not really about that though. The story is really about AIs. Especially rouge AIs.

Unfortunately the author seems to use the story to send political messages and the AIs are more or less a substitute for group XYZ whatever, that the reader are supposed to care about in our real society. About half way through the book turns into a bunch of legal rubbish and court proceedings about the rights of AIs in the society.

What is really making the story rubbish though is that the author is making several statements in the book to the effect that the end justifies the means. Seriously? Committing murders, which is what we are talking about in the book, should be accepted because it “gains visibility to the cause”? No fucking way! This is how the criminals occupying streets, trashing shops etc. are reasoning and it is in no way acceptable.

To add insult to injury the author lets the murderous rogue AI actually get away with it because, at the end, we should apparently have come to understand that it was really a rather nice AI just wanting to be heard. What the fuck?

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