Galactic Guardians books 1 to 3 – Borderline young adult but I enjoyed them anyway.

Galactic Guardians books 1 to 3.
By Jonathan Yanez.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 3 stars.

Blurb from book 1:

My name is Max Tyco.
I will become the most powerful Guardian in the Universe.
This is my story.

Max Tyco is a truck driver on the road more days than he’s home. Events are about to transpire that will lead this everyday Joe on an adventure of a lifetime. Things like traveling through space, starships, alien monsters, and blasters have all been daydreams, until now.

The Rowki is a fraternity of intergalactic guardians tasked with keeping the balance between the light and the darkness. A call for help from the oldest galaxy in the universe and the central planet in that galaxy will uncover an ancient secret that could mean the end of the universe as we know it.

Chosen for the depth of his potential, Max will have to commit to the Rowki or decide to go back home and forget he ever knew the truth. But the truth is out there and more horrifying than he could ever expect.

I dived into this book series based on the blurb on book one, Legend Rising, in this series. It is a kind of story that I like, if it is well done.

I have to admit that I almost dumped the series after this first book. The entire book series is a mix of fantasy and science fiction but it is very light on the science part and the first book was really borderline young adult. The way the story was written and how things played out was just too implausible. Picking up some gray haired old truck driver, train him and then go kick butts in the matter of a couple of weeks. Nah, don’t think so.

The only reason I didn’t dump the series was because I liked the main protagonist as well as quite a few of the other characters and I kind of got hooked on the main story enough that I wanted to know the rest of the story bad enough that I went for the second book as well.

The first book is a two star one. No way around that but books two and three I could bring myself to give three stars.

It is light reading. The story is more of a swashbuckling adventure than a regular science fiction story and that is what kept me reading. As I wrote I quite like the story. If you are looking for regular science fiction do not bother with this series but if you can live with giant bears swinging huge axes that also shoots laser bolts, a dose of Jedi style magic, a healthy dose of butt-kicking and some good old-fashioned hero-making then you might like this book series.

Max Tyco meets all kinds of characters during his journey, some of which he befriends, some trying to kill him and some just weird. All along he grows as a Galactic Guardian. Sometimes the story becomes a bit silly but it is never boring and overall it was fun reading.

I did like it (I even overcame that they put pineapple on their pizza) and I read all three books in a bit less than a week. There’s a fourth coming and I have to say that I am a bit eager to read it given the developments in the third book.

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