Magi Rising – Still maybe.

Magi Rising (The Magi Saga, #2).
By Andrew Dobell.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

What do you do when a psychopathic death Mage rules the city you consider home?

Amanda fled New York two years ago, chased by Magi out to kill her, but now she’s desperate to return home to the city she loves.

Unfortunately for Amanda, powerful Dark Magi control New York. Led by Lucian, any Magi trespassing on their territory are killed without mercy.

Amanda must find the courage to fight this monster. To resist the darkness and stand up for what is right and good in this world.

If she doesn’t, her life and the lives of her closest friends are in grave danger from this Magi King of New York.

When I read the first book in this series I found it to be one of these maybe books. That is, it was okay, it was enjoyable to read but it did not come over as a hey this is good book either. This book turned out to be about the same. Okay but not wow great.

Not surprisingly this book follows more or less directly from the first book. Amanda has learned to master he powers more or less comfortably and the book starts right away with Amanda and her new friends kicking some ass in an encounter with a few bad guys.

Then the main arc of the story in this book starts when Amanda moves back to New York to confront Lucian the Dark Magi. Overall the story is okay and I do like Amanda. I didn’t like that Amanda was frequently outclassed by Lucian & Co though yet she somehow managed to survive and bump back. I felt this was somewhat uninspired story writing. If Amanda was not ready for the big league the author should just have waited a book and made this book more about Amanda’s advancement.

My book reading friend Bookstoge predicted that, in this book God’s would be involved and Amanda would magically (pun intended) power up to fight them or she would have a torrid love affair only to discover that he was a bad guy. My prediction was that the love torrid love affair would not come until book 4 or 5 after she had been arrested by the FBI. Obviously we have both been reading too much crappy urban fantasy.

Well, I’m happy that Bookstoge’s prediction did not come true. Well, there was a small love affair but nothing too distracting and the God’s stayed out of it. Whether there will be a torrid love affair in the future is still up in the air but right now I think being arrested by the FBI is also out (I hope). Being captured by The Inquisition however is another matter. I kid you not and you will have to read the books to see what I mean. No spoilers.

Anyway, this second book is read worthy but not more which means the series will stay off the to-dump shelf for now.

Oh, by the way, the vehicle manufacturer is Hägglunds, not Hagglunds. I know. I drove a Hägglunds APC (among other things) when in the Swedish army.

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