From Far Beyond books 1 to 4 – Bad but amazingly enough somewhat fun read.

From Far Beyond books 1 to 4.
By Christian Kallias.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ 1/2 star.

Kevin wants to prove to his father he isn’t a loser. On the day he gets rejected from MIT, he goes for a long walk by the lakeside to try to figure out his life.

That’s the night he discovers that not only are humans not alone in the universe, but there’s an intergalactic war that threatens every living being.

An alien ship crashes right in front of him, and with its dying breath, the occupant recruits Kevin to fight a terrifying enemy.

Kevin soon finds himself in command of the last remaining ship…on the losing side.

The crew of the ship? All dead.

His mission is simple: he must save the good guys from certain doom.

This was weird reading. I am almost ashamed to say that I found these books rather fun to read despite the fact that, in terms of science fiction, these are really bad books. At the best they can be called science fantasy and young adult ones at that.

I guess the reason I actually liked these books is because I liked the characters quite a lot as well as their interactions and the overall story. Although the main protagonist is a bit of a whiner in the beginning he picks up. The story is the kind of boy dream adventure that I guess most people sometimes dreamed about. It is really non-stop adventure and with more twists than even a lazy ass Hollywood writer produces.

I guess reading these books was like watching a rather crappy Hollywood TV-show because you really like one of the actors and/or just to watch the special effects.

To begin with there is no science whatsoever in these books and in addition the author is the most scientifically clueless writer I have ever encountered. It is fantasy set in a futuristic scenario. If the author had just been a little bit more science aware (or did his bloody research) and realistic these books would have been quite good actually.

For example, this confederate rules 20 galaxies but only 300 inhabited planets. Seriously? His dog, a Beagle, is apparently just as smart as a human and can remote pilot fleets of space ships. His nano suit can apparently fabricate everything, including huge mechs out of thin air. E=mc2 anyone? And what about buildings almost reaching the atmosphere? The atmosphere starts at ground level you ignoramus!

And so on and so forth…

He does seem to understand that a Parsec is a measure of length though unlike another rather famous movie franchise. Although he probably read that on some fan site, and he blatantly ripped off Star Trek’s silly shield frequency plot element.

Still, I actually enjoyed this very light reading. When I say light I mean light. I read all four books, which forms a concluded story arc by the way, in two days (I am on holiday this week but still).

However, although I enjoyed it I cannot say that I am too eager to read more from this author right away. He has written another series, Universe in Flames being the largest one, but there is only so much scientific ignorance I can handle at a time.

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