Fields of Fire – Good but not the best in the series.

Fields of Fire (Backyard Starship, #9).
By J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 1/2 of 5 stars.

Van’s next mission has begun, and at the heart of it is the power to save lives.

Meanwhile, a hungry galaxy looks to a brilliant young scientist for answers, making her the most wanted person in known space.

After years of research, Adayluh Creel perfects a resource to feed sixteen races–or more, all with one golden plant capable of growing on the most hostile worlds. For her efforts, she wants nothing, but savage forces will seek to possess what she would give away for free, thus controlling the food source for billions of people.

But Adayluh has powerful allies who know what’s at stake, and the fight is on as the Guild, GKU, and other shadowy powers converge on one point, with one goal–save Adayluh, save the people, and end the Sorcerers forever.

This is still a good book in the Backyard Starship series but it is not the best one. But then that is probably a lot due to my personal preferences.

The good part is that it has all of the elements that has made this series quite entertaining to read. Van and his merry band of adventurers with a badge are as likable as ever. There are the usual bantering, especially from his battle AI Perry, ass-kicking, investigation, did I mention ass-kicking and so on and so forth. Icky is the same sledge swinging everything-can-be-solved-with-liberal-application-of-violence crazy person.

So far so good.

Why I do not like this book as much as the others is that it ventures much more into the realm of politics and mega corporations. Of course that means a lot more corrupt nonsense, lies and bullshit a ‘la Washington and fake media etc. etc. I really do not like those kind of things in my books. In the previous books the enemies has been, if not exactly ordinary, so at least more conventional criminals. That I quite liked. This new direction/twist, not so much.

On the good side though is that there is plenty of action. In this instalment in the series we are almost getting to the level of fleet action with small fleets of ships duking it out. And we finally get to see, or at least read about, the Iowa dealing justice and pain. I like the twist with Linulla’s kids on the Iowa.

So over all, it is a good book. I quite enjoyed it. I just wish it had not taken that particular direction.

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