Upgrade – Okay ending to the series.

Upgrade (Damian’s Chronicles, #4).
By Michael Todd.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

It takes a man a while to walk in his shoes… 

Damian is finishing up many things in his life, including Max’s training – if they survive.

Should he continue to allow secrets to run his life? 

The clues are starting to track back to some influential players, but where is the proof?

Not that Ravi, in Damian’s mind, cares a wit about hard proof. 

Those in charge have secrets, and perhaps it is time to find them out. 

Except, Damian has never been good at following orders or dealing with limitations placed on him, will Heaven accept his decisions?

This book is the final book in the Damian’s Chronicles series. It is a decent ending to a decent series.

The book is pretty much more of the same of what we have been served in the previous books in the series but as we work ourselves towards the grand finale the stakes are upped, what has been hinted at in previous books are revealed and the secret players are exposed.

Everything is taken to the next level of course and the action is more intense, especially towards the end, while everything else like dialogue etc. is still there. I quite like Damian. Him being a priest offers him certain advantages in the combat against evil but at the same time he is not preachy or hypocritical which is a huge plus.

Overall a good ending on par with the quality of the rest of the books. Not wow great but satisfying.

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