Obsidian Detective – Interesting Science Fiction / Crime novel.

Obsidian Detective (Opus X, #1).
By Michael Anderle.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

Two Rebels whose Worlds Collide on a Planetary Level.

On the fringes of human space, a murder will light a fuse and send two different people colliding together.

She lives on Earth, where peace among the population is a given. He is on the fringe of society where authority is how much firepower you wield.

She is from the powerful, the elite. He is with the military. 

Both want the truth – but is revealing the truth good for society?

This was an interesting little crime story in a science fiction setting. Michael Anderle is not really a bad writer, when he actually does the writing, but I have become a bit weary of books with his name on it since he seems to slap his name on just about anything. This however is written by himself, and the book blurb sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a go.

I found the book rather entertaining actually. The actual story is okay. It is not exactly some crime mystery masterpiece but it is okay. It sets up the background for why a former marine Major is on earth, doing cop work in his search for revenge, well enough. At times the story is somewhat unplausible and downright far fetched but it is good enough.

What makes this book enjoyable is really the two main protagonists. Both are determined to catch the criminals no matter what but while he is gung ho, shot first, then shot some more and if anyone is still alive then maybe ask some questions, she is living in an illusion where everything is done by the books, you do not need anything bigger than a stun gun and Earth is really a paradise with no REAL criminals.

Obviously you do not get any prices for guessing which one of them will find out that their perception of reality needs some adjustment.

Both of them are quite likable characters and together they start tor turn over stones that the partly corrupt, partly naïve and partly lazy police force has left unturned for much too long. What crawls out is an assortment of crooks, mobsters and, of course, corrupt politicians. Luckily the good major brought some suitably loud military hardware with him.

There are a few twists along the way but nothing really that surprising. It was a quite enjoyable light read with plenty of action and a lot of surprises, which I liked, for the Major’s new partner as well as for the various people in the police department. Oh, and for the bad guys as well of course.

The thing that I didn’t like too much is that their supervisor is so annoying and downright incompetent. Actually, he is competent when he decides to be competent but his attitude of pushing everything on to the next instance, where he knows the case will be buried, because he believes it is better to not upset “the balance” was downright pissing me off.

This first books is obviously doing a lot of setup of the universe and for the continuation of the series. Characters are introduced, not all of them human, and I guess it remains to see if this series continues to keep the enjoyment factor up for me. I would say it is a solid three star book. Maybe a tad more certainly not a four star one. I am going to read the next one in the series of course so we will see how it goes.

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