Sasquatch Moon – Okay but…

Sasquatch Moon.
Vampire for Hire, #26.
By J.R. Rain.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

When Samantha Moon is hired on by a film crew to help hunt for the most elusive creature of them all, she’s pretty sure they have the wrong person.

Turns out this is a super well-funded expedition, and the eccentric backer is sparing no expense, including hiring, among dozens of other specialists, a private investigator—someone trained to find the missing.

And there is nothing more missing than Bigfoot.

The logic almost makes sense to Sam. But the money is right and the vampire private eye finds herself intrigued. After all, even among her fellow supernaturals, the creature known as Sasquatch is thought to be myth only.

When the team arrives at the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, Sam is drawn to the bear guard, a tough as nails man named Wally Seymour hired to keep the expedition safe; after all, Wally seems particularly adept in the forest…

But it’s when Sam heads out into the woods on her own reconnaissance mission that things get interesting. Turns out, the vampire detective is particularly adept at finding elusive creatures who don’t want to be found.

And when Samantha sees a disturbing image in the team leader’s mind—an image of death and mayhem—she understands there’s more at play here than a simple expedition to find the world’s most popular cryptid.

The hunt is on—but who is hunting whom?

This is one of the longest series I have read that I am still enjoying. Having written that I am afraid that this instalment in the series was not one of the best ones.

Samantha Moon hunting Bigfoot in the wilderness with a bunch of nerds sounds like a cool setting and, as I wrote, I do like this series so I was happy to start reading this new book in it.

Samantha is cool as always and so is her werewolf boyfriend. The story is pretty cool as well. There’s a fair amount of enjoyable pages in this book.


I have to confess that I did like Samantha better when she was a “real” blood vampire though. This succubus pretending to be a vampire is not as cool as the real deal. Also the author really goes overboard with this mind reading, mind controlling and mind wiping stuff.

Samantha just wanders about mind-telling people what to do, reading their minds and making them forget what she doesn’t want them to remember. I have always liked this surprise moments when mundane people get to realise that there are things that go bump in the night but it kind of looses its appeal when you know they are going to forget about it on the next page.

Also, for me, the author did ruin the Bigfoot thing a bit with his take on Bigfoot. Urban fantasy is urban fantasy and science fiction is science fiction. Mixing the two was not such a good idea from my point of view.

Having finished the book I cannot say that I was really disappointed but, for me, the book has some issues and it almost felt like a filler in the overall story arc and that the author was desperately trying to put together a story in order to get a book out.

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