Screw you Google and Amazon!

I’m no fan of neither Google nor Amazon. To me they are evil companies filled with far left asshats using the companies to foster their extremist agendas while at the same time, unintuitive as it is, helping the CEO’s of said companies make fortunes from screwing people over.

Thus my appreciation of these companies are already somewhere at basement level so you would think that when they make changes they would, at least occasionally even if it is by mistake, do something that makes things better. Well, I guess that was a stupid thought on my part.

I have to confess that I am using Kindle on an Android tablet for a lot of my reading. Yes, shame on me. Unfortunately there is not much alternatives. After Nadella completely screwed over the Windows mobile ecosystem the only other non-Android tablet, apart from iCrap, became unusable. The Kindle touch app on Windows where never very good anyway and, of course, instead of fixing it the asshats at Amazon just dropped it. So I’m stuck with Android.

For Amazon’s Kindle app there are alternatives. Most of them are offering a better to much better reading experience than the Kindle app. But the Kindle app has one (okay maybe two) big advantages. Amazon has a huge catalogue of books. Some books are difficult to find elsewhere. And most importantly, there is the integration of the app with the store (and Goodreads).

Yes, unfortunately, I am lazy and it is (was) just so convenient to just click, buy and start to read the next book in the series for example. Or simply browse the store for something new, click and start to read.

However, with the last update of the Kindle app they have completely removed the possibility to buy books in the app. What the f…?

Now of course Amazon hides behind the new policy from Google. That’s bullshit! Both companies are evil assholes. Google expects to get 30 percent of every book when they are not lifting a bloody finger except hosting the app in their store. Amazon cannot be bothered to try and find a usable solution or take the fight with Google and just removes the functionality. Probably in the hope that we, the consumers, will start to complain to Google and thus do the work for Amazon.

No matter which company is the bigger asshole the fact is that the Kindle app on Android now has none, zero, zilch advantage over other reading apps any more. So to those dumb shits on Google and Amazon that created this situation, here is what’s going to happen….

This is really the last incentive I needed to make what I can to boycott woke Amazon. From now on I’m going to check every book I want to read for alternative suppliers. There are some quite good alternatives out there.

For instance Bean Books which I have already used before and which I will use a lot more now. Actually I already said to myself that I should support Baen Books more when some woke asshat wrote a hit piece and tried to cancel Baen Books because their forums where not “moderated” to follow the lefts agenda.

So screw you Amazon and Google. You both will get less money from me because I will now actively avoid your “services”.

Oh, by the way, the app I have been using and which will probably be my future choice of reading app is the Moon+ reader.

2 thoughts on “Screw you Google and Amazon!

  1. Good for you for supporting Baen now. I like a lot of what they publish. I use a kindle oasis and just sideload everything using a usb cable from my calibre library on my laptop. I’ve been doing that since I started using an ereader in ’06 or ’08 and watching the Battlestar Galactica reboot made me feel very justified 😀


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