Trinity – Good new military space opera series.

By Dave Bara.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of five stars.

The Rim rebellion was glorious—and doomed from the start.

Brilliant Rim Confederation Navy spaceship captain Jared Clement skuttled his career and professional life by joining the rebels against the overwhelming force of the 5 Suns Alliance. The rebel cause was just. That didn’t matter. Ten years later, Clement regrets nothing, but would prefer to be left alone to his thoughts and drink.

But a new chance to command a ship of incredible potential is thrust in his lap—humanity’s first truly faster-than-light vessel. The destination: Trinity, a newly discovered star system where strange signs of possible spacefarers may lead to humanity’s first alien encounter. Or to interstellar war.

Humanity is on the brink of a new age, and everything depends on one crusty starship captain, his gritty crew, and the Beauregard, a ship that was never meant to wage war turned into a weapon-bristling battleship that will either propel humanity to ultimate destruction—or into a new starfaring age of exploration and conflict.

And along the way, a noble lost cause—one Captain Jared Clement—may finally get his revenge.

And find his redemption.

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled onto this new series by Dave Bara but I am rather glad that I did. It is not WOW great but it is definitely an above average good piece of military science fiction and space opera.

I actually don’t know what the series is called since it’s not on the book cover neither on the Amazon or Goodreads pages but I do know that a second book, Trinity’s Children, is scheduled to come out.

As the book blurb states Captain Jared was on the just but loosing side of a war. What the blurb doesn’t say is that he was betrayed. When the story starts he gets a chance to once again captain a star ship. Something that he both eagerly and reluctantly accepts.

What he doesn’t know is that this will result in him once again crossing paths with the person that betrayed him. Oh, and he will more or less fire the first shots in another interstellar war, find Trinity inhabited and invent some new cool weaponry. All in a days work for a former rebel.

I found Captain Jared a very likable character and he is undoubtedly competent, and can think ahead. Those two things are more or less a must for me with respect to liking a book or not.

During the course of the story Captain Jared has to deal with a surprise invasion force with a somewhat surprising origin and with a big-ass ship, a traitor in the ranks and a mutiny. Given that I have already written that I like this book it should come as no surprise that the outcome of these dealings are not exactly to the benefit of the bad guys.

I like the story. It is somewhat original. It has a nice mix of mystery, discovery and, of course, action. I do especially like the ship manoeuvres and space combat. They are well done, plausible and generally respects physics as we know it. Also, the planted traitor is nicely dealt with which I also like of course. I hate books very traitors and saboteurs just get away with it.

There were a few twists along the road and they weren’t all of the predictable variety. Overall the story set things up quite well for a continuation. One where Captain Jared appears to have a slightly brighter future than at the beginning of the book.

So I guess the next one coming out is on the to-read shelf for me.

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