Personal Demons – Nope again, I give up on this one.

Personal Demons.
War of the Angels, #4.
By Michael Todd.
My rating ⭐ 1/2 of five stars.

The guy down under is not pleased with the results of the attacks on Earth…

While the high-level demons are being summoned, Katie, Pandora, and the team are trying to come off the high of having been inside a Leviathan.

For once, nothing much is happening, so Katie is able to focus on demon rumblings in New York.

Unfortunately, Pandora wants Slut-Girl to come out and play, so Katie has to deal with another head-slapping moment.

Lucifer approves an attack against one of Katie’s friends. It comes out of left field, and her team must fight this totally unexpected assault. Can they figure out the target before the demons pull it off?

Then, the ultimate test Lucifer has been working on…

He splits the sisters.

This was my I’ll-give-this-series-one-last-chance read. I had put off reading any more books in this series for quite some time but now I gave it a last chance. I have previously read the Protected by the Damned series from this author and I liked it a lot. I have also read the War of the Damned series and again, I liked it a lot. So I kind of really wanted to like this third series with Katie.

Unfortunately this series, War of the Angels, went downhill rather quickly. As is the case way too often the author fell into the trap of expanding the story way too much and turn it into a mess of too many characters, sub plots and sensation drama.

Katie is no longer the main character but in name. Both the story and Katie goes of in a number of tangents that just ruins it for me. Pandora can be fun in carefully measured doses but her harping about her sexual fantasies gets tiresome rather quickly.

At the end of the book I really didn’t care that much about Katie & Co, I just wanted the book to end so I could start reading something else.

It didn’t help of course that the author felt he had to sprinkle some woke bullshit in there to appease the woke cancel mob. News flash, it is really not necessary to mention the LGBT community in every book.

I’m not wasting any more time hoping that this series will become better. I’m going on to other things now.

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