Dawn and Quartered – Nope, this series did not work out for me.

Dawn and Quartered.
The Preternatural Chronicles, #2.
By Hunter Blain.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

Revenge is mine, so saith the John. After more than 500 years, Commander Godwin is dead and John’s family is finally avenged. Of course, actions have consequences and now those consequences demand payment from debt collectors in the form of demons below, and now, angels above. Great. Super. Could things possibly get any worse?

Funny you should ask; yes, yes they can. A weird package is delivered, causing a huge headache, and an old friend has awoken to exact revenge of his own after our anti-hero trespassed against him. Can things be worked out over a steaming cup of blood? Probably not.

After the first book, which left me undecided, this one, unfortunately, made my decision go to the negative.

The book pretty much follows the same pattern as the first one and thus it has the same faults. I was hoping to see some development, direction and purpose in this one but it is the same hodgepodge of smack talk, violent action, John beating someone up, John being beaten up by someone etc…

John has become the Voyager of urban fantasy, constantly being beaten up, including ripped apart, and then magically being put together for the next chapter. It gets boring after a while.

I also really do not need to read detailed sequences about wet teenage vampire fantasies where, in this universe, apparently vampires can use their blood magic to enlarge body parts. Especially one body part.

The author works hard to make John a likable anti-hero. Some reviewers calls him a urban fantasy Deadpool. Well, for me it doesn’t work.

So, sadly, thanks but no thanks. This series goes off my reading list.

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