Angel Dust – About time this series ended.

Angel Dust (Feathers and Fire, #11).
By Shayne Silvers.
My rating ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

A tree’s branches cannot reach Heaven unless its roots also touch Hell…

The Four Horsemen are hunting the most deadly and elusive of fugitives—the White Rose.

Despite being wanted and on the run, Callie has no intention of hiding from the angelic fallout that now plagues Kansas City. Never. Master Dracula will stand as a nightmarish specter against the forces of Heaven, Hell, the nephilim, and the Vatican Conclave.

But nothing is as simple as it seems in this war.

Because betrayal hides behind every ally’s smile, and compassion stands behind every execution. Virtue and compassion, monsters and sheep, victors and victims—all two sides of the same coin. As they say, it is a mother bear’s compassion that gets you eaten.

Callie must cross lines she never wanted to cross, and heed the darkest whispers in her mind if she wants to survive what is to come. If she wants her people to survive what is to come. She must evolve and adapt into something darker, something scarier, something nobly cruel.

A symbol to be revered with fearful adoration.

The Horsewoman of Despair is about to flick the first domino of the Omega War.

Thunder and Terror will herald the End, and a true monster will wield the infamous fiery blades with a smile of silver fangs and a pair of glowing white eyes.

Some monsters are born…

Others are made.

Non Serviam is the battlecry of the damned…and the exalted.

I have to be honest, the only reason I read this book was because I’ve read the other ten books in the series and, since this was supposed to be the last one, I just wanted to finish of the series.

In the beginning there were some really good books in the series. Callie was likable. The stories was quite good and reasonable. Then slowly the story became more and more outlandish and bloated with every imaginable supernatural creature up to and including Gods and Creators.

Callie more or less disappeared in the “special effects noise” and I really started to loose interest.

This book unfortunately follows the same pattern. It’s just not interesting any more. It is like a action movie with lots of special effects and no plot. Bloody hell, even the Pearly Gates makes it into this one.

On top of everything I felt the conclusion was pretty meh but then maybe I was a bit “overwhelmed” by all the “special effects” so I didn’t really see that beauty of it.

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