Winter Moon – Not the best in the series but enjoyable nonetheless.

Winter Moon (Vampire For hire, #24).
By J.R. Rain.
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

A trickster god, a famous sword, and the mother of all storms.

All while looking for a werewolf on the run…

Just another day at the office for vampire private eye, Samantha Moon!

This one of the longest, if not the longest, book series that I have been reading and still enjoyed after 20+ books. Most of the books have been okay, hovering around or above the three star mark, a few four star ones and a single two star one.

What I like with this book series is that it stays with it’s feet, or maybe it is Samantha’s feet, firmly planted in the ground. Even after 24 books the author doesn’t try to overdo it by just piling on sensation, ubermonsters, Gods, alternate dimensions etc…

Well, that last one is not entirely true. The story did go somewhat downhill with zapping between dimensions and crap around book 20. Not surprisingly book 20 is the one that got a two star rating from me.

Samantha is really a soccer mon, or was at least, and a private investigator. She is somewhat mundane actually but I really like her personality, her friends and the author is really making a good job of taking this somewhat ordinary person, if you forget that she is a vampire of course, and churning out books that makes me want to continue reading.

As I mentioned this is not the best one in the series. Still a good three stars though. I didn’t really like this trickster story. It was just way too weird and the book tried way too much to make him good and bad at the same time.

This part of the story with the famous sword, which name shall not be mentioned or the God of spoilers will descend upon me, was just annoying as well. First, using that sword in the story was borderline too far out for my taste and then, just when you got used to the idea of her wielding this sword…, well that’s also too much of a spoiler but let’s say it was a What the f…? moment in capital letters when I read it.

Anyway, decent enough book in the series which I enjoyed reading.

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