In the Still of the Knight – Overall quite enjoyable.

In the Still of the Knight (Black Knight Chronicles #5).
By John G. Hartness.
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

The bodies are piling up!

Murders are happening outside Charlotte’s hottest nightspots. A new vampire society has set up shop in the sewers. And Jimmy Black’s about to run afoul of the Master of the City. If Jimmy weren’t already a vampire, the week ahead would be the death of him.

Between murder, monsters, pesky vampire ethics, and territorial disputes, Jimmy is about to discover how far he’s willing to go to save the world and one friend’s soul.

There are no easy choices, even for vampire geeks.

Overall this was a quite enjoyable instalment in the Black Knight Chronicles series.

I do like the main protagonist and I especially like that he has developed quite a bit and the book has less of the annoying fumbling around that plagued the previous books. Usually I like his entourage as well but Greg is quite frankly being quite a bit of an asshole in this book.

Unfortunately so is his girlfriend(?) cop. Sure, Jimmy could perhaps have been a bit more diplomatic at times but her putting herself on her moral high horse and stomp her fot like a spoiled brat did drag down the story for me. It’s the kind of behavior you would expect from a cheep drama series written by the usual Hollywood hacks that cannot imagine leaving a happy couple alone.

However, overall the story was fairly cool and there were indeed some interesting, not entirely predictable, twists towards the end. I did in particular like how that bitch Lilith got screwed over. Actually I cannot make up my mind about Lilith. Sometimes she is quite cool and I like here and sometimes she is just a bitch and I, obviously, do not like her at all.

Anyway, I am quite looking forward to see how Jimmy handles his new role. I just hope the author doesn’t screw it up by ruining it right away. After this bullshit with Jimmy’s girlfriend I am a bit worried indeed.

Oh, I just have to rant a bit given that I am a computer engineer after all. What the fuck is a “Cat5 system”? I can tell you what it is, it is the product of an author that cannot be bothered to do his research. There is no such thing as a “Cat5” computer system or rig. Cat5 is a standard for Ethernet cables and it is the type of cable which is used in pretty much every home or business installation so it is really nothing special.

Okay, rant over. This was a enjoyable book despite some nonsensical parts.

2 thoughts on “In the Still of the Knight – Overall quite enjoyable.

    1. Cat5 and Cat6 really coexist.

      Cat6 has more stringent shielding and crosstalk requirements. The cable is thicker and is more difficult to install since it cannot be bent below a certain bend radius.

      Cat5e supports 1Gb and I believe it is still the most common for home and small business use.

      We have a lot of Cat6 at CERN and it’s really a beast of a cable.

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