Villain – This series started a lot better than it ended.

Villain (Rise of the Empire, #12) by Ivan Kal.
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars.

The final book in the Rise of the Empire saga!

The stage is set, and the battle for the fate of the galaxy is about to begin. Adrian and Anessa, their daughter Ryaana, and Lurker of the Depths prepare for the final fight against the Enlightened.

Meanwhile, Emperor Tomas Klein gathers a great alliance from races across the galaxy, building another Great Fleet. His intention is to fight the Enlightened, but his plan might not be the same as Adrian’s.

This series started a lot better than it ended.

The books are still well written, the characters are good and there’s plenty of action.

However the first books were really about humanity taking their first steps into space and venturing outside the solar system. It was a great adventure of the style I really like.

Then the books fell into the same trap as many of these long running series. Each book tried to surpass the previous in expanding the story, create more and more sensation until it just became too much.

In this book we’re at the level of exterminating all life in the universe. The books in this series have now turned from science fiction to science fantasy with this Sha stuff that’s more magic than anything like science.

There’s still some good fleet action but a lot of the time it turns into fantasy when they start to slug at each other walking the Sha.

In between the action parts there are sections with a lot of pondering and philosophical monologues and dialogues. Quite frankly, a not so small part of the book is boring.

It’s a shame since the series started of really well. I still give it three out of five stars since it is well written after all but it was not really to my liking.

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