Transcendent 2-4: Decent enough entertainment.

Transcendent books 2-4 by T. Jackson King
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars

coverJack Hansen is a 70 year old geezer living alone in Santa Fe whose mind is suddenly hit by a white flash. Moments later he is able to set fire to one mugger, melt down a second, knife a third and knock out a fourth. All before 6 a.m.! Jack likes the psychic powers that are suddenly making him powerful and almost invulnerable. But are these powers natural or supernatural? And why did they come to him?

As one would suspect books 2 to 4 in the Transcendent series follows the first book with each book taking off where the previous one finished.

These books are a quite fun read. A bit simple perhaps but fun nonetheless. I like that it is a piece of urban fantasy that is not the usual mainstream one. At least not in my experience.

Jack continues his journey, develops new relationships and, most importantly, develops his powers. Along the road he encounters more bad guys (of course) as well as good guys but is also increasingly pursued by various, more or less ignorant, authorities.

The one thing that annoys me with this book is that the author has a habit of throwing in terms and expressions that he obviously do not really master. It is especially annoying when he dabbles in French. He just gets it wrong most of the time. He mixes up Spanish and French. Someone becomes something when he tries to write it in French etc. etc. That is just sloppy. Christ, even Google translate does a better job.

Anyway, as I wrote above. These books have been a fun read. You more or less have to put your brain in idle when reading them but fun nonetheless.

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