Killer Geezer: A somewhat unusual urban fantasy / science fiction novel.

Killer Geezer (Transcendent, #1) by T. Jackson King
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 3 stars

coverJack Hansen is a 70 year old geezer living alone in Santa Fe whose mind is suddenly hit by a white flash. Moments later he is able to set fire to one mugger, melt down a second, knife a third and knock out a fourth. All before 6 a.m.! Jack likes the psychic powers that are suddenly making him powerful and almost invulnerable. But are these powers natural or supernatural? And why did they come to him?

This is a urban fantasy slash science fiction novel that is a bit outside of the mainstream ones. At least in my experience.

As the book blurb say, a 70 year old geezer experience a sudden white flash after which he experiences supernatural powers. Much to the dismay of the muggers that was trying to rob him.

Obviously this old, and rather likable, geezer tries to figure out what the f… happened to him and, not surprisingly, during the course of his investigations he stumbles over a somewhat unbelievable number of different bad guys that either tries to rob him, one of his friends or by other means draws the wrath of the, now, kick-ass old geezer.

This is something I like about this book. This old geezer doesn’t have some oh-my-god-what’s-happening or all-this-violence-is-so-terrible meltdown. Luckily this book is not written by any of those modern Hollywood script writers that ruins everything they touch. Bad guys in this book gets what they deserve which is usually a rather painful death.

During his adventures the geezer also discovers that he is not alone having been bestowed with extraordinary powers and, so far at least, I have to say that I like this Ansgard character that befriends him.

I’d say that this book is a wee bit a cross between urban fantasy and science fiction. Jack is getting a full set of DNA. RMI and whatnot scans and there is some attempt to explain his mysterious powers. However, there seems to be more into it than just science. The fantasy element becomes more pronounced later in the book when a ancient evil is introduced.

Overall I did quite like the book. It’s a simple read but it was generally fun to read. Especially when Jack is in kick-ass mode.

I’ve already picked up the second book in the series and I am eager to see how the story develops.

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