Were Witch books 4-9: I quite enjoyed this series.

Were Witch series book 4-9 by Renée Jaggér
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars

cover-2If Were tradition forced you to marry at twenty-five, would you do it?

Bailey Nordin is feeling the stress of pack obligations arriving too soon in her life.

She prefers working on cars to going on a date.

A good fight is just a morning’s workout, and Bailey’s sarcastic wit has killed any chance of a love life.

Her future isn’t looking bright.

Roland is on the run from three powerful witches who want him for…what he can provide.

Trying to hide from the witches, he ends up in the middle of a town so small, it’s hard to find it on a map.

She’s a Were, He’s a wizard. He could be her ticket out of her problems—if she believed in magic.

Massive changes are coming down from the heavens, and Bailey Nordin is the Were in the middle.

Will she figure out how to break from tradition?

I pretty much read this series end to end in a few days. It is pretty light reading but I have to say that I quite enjoyed it.

The books continue in the same way as the first tree books that I reviewed in my previous post. Bailey grows at an almost exponential rate and by the end of the series she can challenge, not only her fellow werewolves and witches, but the gods themselves.

Of course, no surprise there, that’s exactly what she does although it is not exactly her idea to do so.

I am quite happy that, during this character growth, she doesn’t forget her foul mouthed hillbilly roots which contributes a lot to the enjoyment of reading these books.

If I should complain about something it would be that I wasn’t too happy about the path the books took concerning some of the main characters. Although it was pretty much foreseeable quite early on, it was a bit of a bummer to see one of the main characters, which I rather liked, be turned into a villain.

Apart from that I had great fun while reading these books.

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