WereWitch books 1-3: Fun read.

WereWitch books 1-3 by Renée Jaggér
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars

coverIf Were tradition forced you to marry at twenty-five, would you do it?

Bailey Nordin is feeling the stress of pack obligations arriving too soon in her life.

She prefers working on cars to going on a date.

A good fight is just a morning’s workout, and Bailey’s sarcastic wit has killed any chance of a love life.

Her future isn’t looking bright.

Roland is on the run from three powerful witches who want him for…what he can provide.

Trying to hide from the witches, he ends up in the middle of a town so small, it’s hard to find it on a map.

She’s a Were, He’s a wizard. He could be her ticket out of her problems—if she believed in magic.

Massive changes are coming down from the heavens, and Bailey Nordin is the Were in the middle.

Will she figure out how to break from tradition?

I was a bit hesitant at first given how much the book blurb talks about marriage and such like things but with a title like Bad Attitude I just had to give it a try anyway.

It was a good thing that I did. So far this series has been a quite fun read. Yes there is the you-have-to-marry-at-the-age-of-25 nonsense and just to add to that rubbish the second main character is a wizard chased by a bunch of lunatic witches who wants to make babies with him.

Luckily this crap is, over the course of the books, turned more or less into a background story and even in the first book it is rapidly overshadowed by the main protagonist and her, you guessed it, bad attitude.

I really like the main protagonist. She is kickass all the way and boy does she have a mouth. I’ve always liked book that doesn’t try to cater for the easily offended hypocrites that rates down books and movies based on whether there’s so called “rude” language or not.

Sure, if the author just piles on f-words without any skill behind it, then I give it a pass as well. Luckily this is not the case. The dialogue is often times very funny to read and the fact that Bailey backs up her verbal attitude with some real ass-kicking skills from the first page just makes it so more enjoyable.

Already from the start, Bailey knows how to take care of herself and her powers grows rather exponentially over the course of the story. There are obviously quite a few fights in the books and, being born in Sweden, I quite like the fact that there’s quite a bit of Norse mythology added into the story.

I’m currently reading the fourth book in the series and are indeed looking forward to see where the author takes the story.

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