Katie’s War: Too much political crap.

Katie’s War (War of the Angels, #2) by Michael Todd
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ (barely) out of 5 stars

coverUnfortunately, Katie decides she won’t play their games, and leaves.

Did she bite off more than she could chew when she made the statement that upset the World Council?

Juntto and Angie are trying to work through their issues, but will it be enough?

The strength of love is in people’s willingness to accept others as they are and recognize those who support you best.

But sometimes even angels get this wrong. Will Katie and Pandora figure out how to get what they need to help the world without giving up their autonomy? 

This book was not really my cup of tea/ The author(s) decided to go down the route of political machinations and I really hate that crap. A shame since I’ve liked most of the books in the two previous series Protected by the Damned and War of the Damned.

The two rather amusing demon asshats Baal and Belzebub have devised yet another plan to take on Katie. This time by destroying her politically. To me, that means that the story turned sour for me right from the start. I totally despise politics in my books. As I have written before, there’s enough annoying, worthless, oxygen wasting politicians running around causing damage in the real world. I do not want to read about that trash in my books as well.

As a book it is as well written as the other books in the series. Katie and Pandora and the interaction between themselves as well as others are amusing as usual. The problem is that I really wanted to fast-read, even skip, through all the political machinations and bullcrap.

The one redeeming fact of the book is that the political lawyer and his cronies are, spoiler alert, indeed taken down towards the end of the book. Publicly in the court room nonetheless. That was, for me, the good part of the book.

Personally I consider this book a bit of a interlude and I hope that the author gets on with the more traditional demons-show-their-ugly-arse-Katie-kicks-demons-arses type of story from now on.

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