Cry Wolf: I liked it but…

Cry Wolf (The Empire’s Corps, #15) by Christopher Nuttall
My rating: star: ⭐ star: 1/2 out of 5 stars

coverThey say democracy dies in darkness …

Earth has fallen. The Empire is no more. Old certainties are collapsing everywhere. Chaos is spreading across the stars, with war following in its wake …

Tarsus, a world too close to Earth for comfort, is far from immune.

Clarence Esperanza, a reporter on Tarsus, thought he had the story of the century. But, when he took the story to his bosses, he was unceremoniously fired. Cut off from his former friends, abandoned by his wife isolated from the world around him, he thought all he could do was stagger onto the streets and wait to die. But when an old friend offers him a job, with a new news outlet challenging the dominance of the planetary media networks, he finds himself on the front lines of a struggle for control of the planet …

… And fighting for the freedom of an entire world.

I was quite happy to learn that another installment in Christopher Nuttall’s Empire’s Corps Series was to come out. It is a good book thanks to the author’s writing skills but…

I have to confess that I would rather have been treated to a book that involved the actual Empire’s Corps. That is a more of a true military science fiction book. I really would like to get more stories about how the post-apocalyptic society of Avalon actually progresses.

This is one of those books that the author uses to tell a, shall we say moral, story in the universe of the Empire’s Corps. This time he takes on the (fake) media. I quite understand the author’s sentiment versus the dishonest, lying media that plagues society today. I even share this sentiment. The great majority of media today is biased beyond belief and the only thing more dishonest than a journalist is a politician. Obviously a personal opinion of mine but this is a personal blog so…there you have it.

However, I do read fiction to escape this sad reality after all so having to read about it in my fictional(?) novels is … well not a good start. Having said that. It is indeed a good book thanks to the author’s writing skills. I did enjoy reading it more than I thought I actually would.

Actually I think the author was too nice and too subtle if anything. I would have loved to see a few more direct stabs at today’s mainstream media. But then I guess he has to walk a fine balance between being truthful and getting paid so…

My enjoyment  of this book comes entirely from the authors writing skills. The story is well told, the characters are well done and the book as a whole is really excellent. This is a personal blog so, obviously, the rating of this book is going to be biased by my preferences which is the only reason why this book doesn’t get a higher rating.

I also have to say that I have been quite saddened lately by the fact that the author struggles with cancer. Despite being under, from what I understand, heavy treatment he is still able to churn out books at a respectable rate. I wish him all the best. The book world would be lesser without him.

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