Fatal mistake:More ass-kicking a’la Brownstone

Fatal Mistake (The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone, #11) by Michael Anderle
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars

coverThe government is trying to take down the Council…

But they get their asses handed to them.

One of the senators wanted to play hardball from the beginning but got outvoted.

Now, the head of the task force is killed.

Will they wise up and swallow their pride to get the best?

Lt. Hall is working more closely with Shay, and admits that the kidnapping and fights and losing a man has made it hard to sleep.

Will she be able to get revenge and close the gate to the fear that is creeping into her life?

Brownstone isn’t going to play by anyone’s rules, so he waits patiently while his team works on their barbeque skills. Will the government ask Brownstone to go to war for them? Will he, after what they did to Alison?

Another quite read-worthy book in the Brownstone series. In the beginning this series had quite simple stories. Bad guy(s) pisses off Brownstone. Brownstone explains their mistake which generally results in the untimely demise of said bad guy(s). However, during the course of the series, which now stands at more than 10 installments, Bronwstone’s entourage of friends (well mostly friends) has grown and so has the story.

Brownstone’s amulet has become an important part of the overall story arc and its development. It now regularly speaks to him although its vocabulary is somewhat limited usually involving words like kill, destroy etc.

As you can read in the book blurb the infamous government sticks their fingers into things this time and as usual it is a screw-up. At least at first.

Then we have the growing relations (not necessarily romantic ones) between the various characters and, on the whole, the story is becoming more and more evolved, as are the characters.

In this book Brownstone shows more restraint strategical skills and dare I say restraint than in the previous books. Okay, it is Brownstone we’re talking about so the end result is of course the same. It just arrives a few pages later than it previously did.

One the whole I quite liked the book with it’s usual bantering, cursing keeping the easily offended away, and ass-kicking by Brownstone and his friends.

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