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Space Carrier Avalon: Very good military space opera.

This was military space opera in my style. A good hero, a war brewing, and capital ships slugging it out.

Space Carrier Avalon (Caste Federation #1) by Glynn Stewart
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars


Avalon was the flagship of the Castle Federation in the last war, now twenty years past. The first of the deep space carriers, no other warship in the fleet holds as many honors or has recorded as many kills.

No other warship in the fleet is as old.

Accepting the inevitable, the Federation Space Navy has decided to refit her and send her on a tour of the frontier, showing the flag to their allies and enemies as a reminder of her glory – and then decommission her for good.

But Avalon has been a backwater posting for ten years – and has problems a mere refit can’t fix. The systems along her planned tour have been seeing pirates for the first time in decades, and there are rumblings of Commonwealth scouting ships all along the border.

It may be Avalon’s final tour – but it looks to be anything but quiet!

This was military space opera in my style. A good hero, a war brewing, and capital ships slugging it out.

As can be deduced from the book blurb the Castle Federation is about to go to war with the Commonwealth and the space carrier Avalon finds herself on the front lines of the first strike.

As the first book in the series there are of course a lot of introductions and the most important of these are Wing Commander Kyle Roberts who is the main protagonist in this adventure. When he is reporting for duty on Avalon he is quickly absorbed by a chain of events that includes dealing with issues such as the usual incompetence and criminal behavior from politically promoted officers, a change of rank and duties under dire circumstances to enemy capital ships knocking on the air lock.

Luckily, in addition being competent himself, there are quite a few competent people around him to help him. One of those being the Captain of ship which I found extremely good. I really do not fancy stories where the Captain is an asshole.

There’s a fair bit of action in the book and it a quite well done. So are the characters and interactions between them. I quite like Kyle since he is a honest and quite competent person. His evolution (promotions) in this first book is, well, quite a lot and the author is perhaps stretching it a bit with this string of dramatic and somewhat tragic events that Kyle has to endure.

I really liked the book and hope that the series will continue much in the same way. The book blurb of the following books do indeed give me some concern that political rubbish will rear its ugly head but I guess that remains to be seen I guess. The next book in the series is already in the queue for me.

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