Duchess of Terra: Strong second book in the series

Duchess of Terra (Duchy of Terra #2) by Glynn Stewart
My rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars

coverWhen Terra knelt to an alien Imperium
They guaranteed our safety and our future
But now their enemies are coming for us

To preserve humanity’s survival and freedom in a hostile galaxy, Annette Bond tied her world to the A!Tol Imperium, taking on the mantle of Duchess of Terra to rule humanity in the Imperium’s name.

The A!Tol have provided technology, ships, and money to uplift the new Duchy of Terra, but those gifts come with strings attached. The Imperium has their own plan for Terra—but Bond has tricks of her own.

With enough time, she can build Earth a place in the galaxy. But as Bond’s many enemies gather their forces, the clouds of war threaten not only the recovering Terra but the entire Imperium.

The first book in the series was a pleasant surprise. This one takes off right after the last one ended. The author gave us quite a interesting plot twist at the end of the last book and our hero is now the Duchess of Terra.

Now her new title of course just means that her problems have taken on a new order of magnitude. Nothing to complicated though. Just build a fleet capable of defending Earth…with no money, thwart the A!Tol’s attempt to screw her over because they want to get their hands on the one thing Earth has to offer, repel an invasion, convince the people of Earth that becoming part of the Empire was the only way etc… You know, everyday hero stuff.

Earth is now a member of the Empire which means that we also get quite a bit of interaction with members of Earth’s quite benevolent conquerors as well as other interesting space faring races. I do like the bonds that are building between, not only Bond herself, but several members of her entourage and the A!Tol’s as well as characters of other spieces. On the whole the world building, characters etc. is definitely on the good side of the spectrum.

Naturally there are a few unlikable asshats as well. In particular Bond’s old nemesis Commander Anderson who now not only has a personal gripe with Anderson but also considers here (and the majority of the people of Earth) a traitor since she let Earth be absorbed into the Empire. He was a douche in the first book and continues to be a douche in this book.

There are plenty bit of action in the book as well of course and, as far as I am concerned, it is well done. Fairly believable, decent tactics and generally just good. The pacing and balance between action and in between action parts felt just right for me.

I really have just one thing to really complain about and some might find that this is a bit petty but this sentence “…Geneva, but she had no time to play tourist in the former Swiss capital.” What the fuck? Come one, Geneva has never been the capital of Switzerland! If an author feels like throwing “flashy” names around then he should do his bloody homework! I know I am nitpicking  now but it is so tiresome when people on the other side of the pond simply cannot bother the get basic facts straight.

Okay, done with the whining, Bottom line, I enjoyed the book very much.

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