Junkyard Druid: Not impressed

Junkyard Druid (Colin McCool #1) by M.D. Massey
My rating: ⭐ ⭐ out of 5 stars

coverName’s Colin McCool. Folks call me the Junkyard Druid. I hate that name.

Despite my last name, I’m not “cool” like the other hunters in town. I don’t run an occult bookstore, I’ve never owned a Harley, and I didn’t inherit a family fortune passed down through generations of hunters before me.

And I kind of have this curse on me that’s messed up my life.

So, things have gone to hell since I was cursed. I live in a junkyard, my mentor Finn is a heroin addict, I’ve got the Cold Iron Circle breathing down my neck, and the local Fae Queen Maeve is blackmailing me into doing her dirty work.

Now I’m in way over my head trying to retrieve Maeve’s stolen magic rock, all while helping my friend Belladonna solve a series of murders that may or may not involve the local werewolves.

And did I mention that my girlfriend is a ghost?

If I can just get the Faery Queen’s tathlum back, and help Belladonna solve the murders…

Then I just might live long enough to finish my first year of college.

Well I have to say that I was not impressed by this book. When I stumbled on the series I thought the book blurb sounded cool so I thought I would have a go at it. Unfortunately the book is not half as good as I hoped it would be. Maybe I should have been a bit more cautious when reading the blurb. After reading the book I get the feeling that the author just whacked together a bunch of stuff that sounded cool and tried to make a book out of it.

The first few pages started of really good actually. Then the author turns everything on its head by introducing this curse. After that the book wen’t downhill rapidly. I mean come on, a book where the “hero” spends all his time being afraid of using his power?

Then we have his mentor who is a far gone heroin addict and so on and so forth. What the hell is so wrong with having characters that actually have their act together? Also, I do not care whether any of the characters are straight, lesbian, gay or any other (reasonable) orientation but I draw the line at having shit like “…a fixture in the local LGBTQ community.” thrown at me.

The book is pretty much like the book blurb. A mixture of stuff thrown together without any clear direction. I personally never felt or cared much for the hero and on the whole the writing is more on young adult level that anything else.

I do not think I will continue reading this series.

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