Windows April update, another disappointing update from Microsoft

So, I have now spent around a month and a half with the April update of Microsoft Windows. The overall verdict is one of utter disappointment. I cannot say that I am surprised of course since one of my devices is running the insider builds since some time so I knew what I was getting, and also, we old Windows customers have learned to not expect much from “Nadellasoft” in terms of actual consumer love, but still … what the fuck Microsoft?

There is absolutely NOTHING in this update that makes it any improvement whatsoever. Naturally this is in the context of my personal wants for windows but given how many issues there are with Windows 10 (on a tablet) I would still have expected some little improvement.

But, sadly, no. They keep trying to implement and push new “features” onto the users instead of actually fixing what is wrong and/or doesn’t work. Actually every iteration seems to make it worse instead. Tablet mode on Windows 10 is now next to useless. No surprise app makers are abandoning the platform. Today I have gone from using my surface and my Windows phone a lot every day to mostly using my Android phone and Android tablets.

Let’s see what we got (or rather didn’t get)…

The keyboard still pops up all over the place when it should not but quite often it doesn’t come up when it actually should.

The email app still doesn’t sync properly if you try to rename or delete folders.

URL’s pinned to the start page almost always gets pinned with the Edge icon instead of the site icon and there is no way to change the icon or the label for that matter. So if you pin a dozen sites using the smallest tile size you get a dozen tiles all looking exactly the same. What the fuck Nadellasoft?

The live tiles are still working like crap. Even tiles for Microsoft’s own apps.

And so on…

In addition to this after having updated…

The preview icons of all my video files have disappeared. Now all of them have the same stupid icon.

Printing got all screwed up and I had to reinstall all my printers.

The network setting got all screwed up and my devices become undiscoverable on the network. For fuck sake…

Notifications are a fucking mess. You get a notification about a package being sent, when you click on it opens bloody cortana, and when you click view email it opens Edge (I have Chrome as my default browser) and not the email app.

It is absolutely amazing that Nadellasoft is not making the slightest attempt to fix basic issues. Instead, in their drive to force new features onto the consumers, they ship half baked new stuff that makes it even worse.

I wonder if Microsoft’s management is actually aware of how poor their product works in real life? Nadella has proven that he doesn’t care about consumers but what about the rest. Are they shielded from the truth by incompetent middle managers who only care about trying to look good? “Hey, look at all the new cool stuff that we implemented!”

I’ve been a Windows fan since version 1.0. Now I use mostly Android outside of work. Thanks a lot Nadella. Actually, let me rephrase that … Fuck you Nadella!

One thought on “Windows April update, another disappointing update from Microsoft

  1. I hear you on that network settings getting screwed over. We came in on a Monday and none of our computers would talk to each other. We had an hour of downtime while we contacted the IT guy.
    Updates should NOT change how you have things setup, period…


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